By Mitchell Fink
September 16, 1991 12:00 PM


Singer Linda Ronstadt quietly became a single parent earlier this year. She has adopted an infant girl and named her Mary Clementine Ronstadt.

According to a source, the 45-year-old singer, who has never been married, “went through normal channels” and adopted the baby with the help of an attorney. Little Mary Clementine and her nanny are now out on the road with Ronstadt as she performs her show of Mexican folk songs with the help of a mariachi band.

Through a spokesman, Ronstadt said the adoption “was a personal matter, and I never discuss my personal life in public.”


It happens so often in Hollywood: An actor and an actress make a movie together, and suddenly they are romantically involved.

Take the case of Edward James Olmos and Lorraine Bracco, costars in Paramount’s Talent for the Game. When the film (soon to be available on video) began production last September, each was married to someone else—Olmos for 19 years to wife Kaija, and Bracco for seven to actor Harvey Keitel. Now Olmos and Kaija have filed for divorce, and Olmos and Bracco are an item.

Kaija is not happy about it. She tells us that Olmos “has a long history of philandering” and adds, “His affair with Bracco didn’t kill our marriage, but it sure didn’t help matters. She’s another in a long line of his many adventures outside marriage.”

A spokesman for Olmos said, “[Kaija] can say whatever she wants.”

Reps for both Keitel and Bracco refused comment.


From the We Told You So Department: Early this summer (PEOPLE, June 24) we wrote that director James Cameron was seeing his Terminator 2 female lead. Linda Hamilton, and that his marriage to director Kathryn (Point Break) Bigelow was in trouble. Not so, said Cameron, insisting then: “Kathryn and I are very happy.”

On Aug. 30, Bigelow filed in court for a divorce. The official reason? “Irreconcilable differences.”


When Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble married on July 20, they vowed to each other that they would never lake off their wedding bands.

Unfortunately, this presented a problem when they resumed taping the new season of ABC’s Growing Pains, since on the show their respective characters are merely boyfriend and girlfriend.

So to accommodate their vows and ensure that they didn’t have to perform with their hands behind their backs, the show’s makeup artists covered the couple’s telltale rings with skin-colored surgical gauze tape.

We’ll see how good a makeup job it was on Sept. 28, when Growing Pains returns.