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To improvise or not to improvise? That is the question facing Bruce Willis. Conventional wisdom in Hollywood regarding Hudson Hawk, Willis’s $50 million-plus bomb, has it that the movie is going into the Dumpster in part because producer Joel Silver went over budget and allowed Willis leer reign In improvise.

Silver is also the producer of Willis’s next movie, The Last Boy Scout, and there are reports that this one is over budget too. People are wondering: Is Willis improvising again?

Yes—but with an asterisk. According to Scout screenwriter Shane Black, who was paid a staggering $1.75 million by Warner Bros, for his script, the studio has demanded that Bruce shoot every scene as written. “He can improvise, but only after a take, as written, is in the can,” says Black. “And I have no problem with that.”


Don’t try selling Julia Roberts on the blonds-have-more-fun concept, at least not now.

Roberts plays tiny Tinkerbell in Hook, Steven Spielberg’s new movie version of Peter Pan. When Roberts started her role last month, her hair color was her usual auburn. Then someone got the bright idea that maybe Tinkerbell should be a blond.

Tressful experiments began. Various shades of blond were tried on Roberts, but according to a source close to the production, “nothing worked.” So it’s back to auburn.

More on Hook: When the Tri-Star movie opens next December, look for cameos by singer Phil Collins (as a police inspector) and rocker David Crosby, record producer Quincy Jones and actress Glenn Close, all of whom will be wearing pirate costumes. Keep a special eye out for Close—she’ll be sporting a beard.


U2 is not a happy band at the moment, and that’s because a bootleg double album, The New U2: Rehearsals and Full Versions, which contains bits and pieces of unfinished U2 tracks, is currently being sold underground. A spokesman for U2 says the tapes were apparently stolen last fall when the band was recording for its next album at Hansa Studios in Berlin.

How does U2 leader Bono feel about his work-in-progress being out on the street? He says, “It’s like having your diary read in public.”

U2 still plans to release the album, as yet untitled, in October, with finished versions of the bootleg tracks.

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