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Lisa Bonet is joining the star-studded cast of Hook, Steven Spielberg’s contemporary version of James M. Barrie’s classic children’s story Peter Pan, in the role of Tiger Lily. The movie is shooting in Los Angeles with Dustin Hoffman playing Captain Hook, Robin Williams the grown-up Peter Pan and Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell.

Sources tell us that Spielberg’s initial plan was to discard Tiger Lily, but now he has reconsidered and put Never-Never Land’s Indian tribal leader back in the script. Bonet’s agent at William Morris, Joan Hyler, confirms that an agreement has been worked out and Bonet will shoot her part at the end of this month.


Prince fanatic Gord Erickson, of Ontario, Canada, recently paid an astounding $13,500 at auction for a CD of His Purpleness’s 1987 Black Album. This is thought to be the first time that the Black Album, which Prince decided to ditch just before its release, was offered for public sale. Warner Bros. Records supposedly destroyed all but 26 copies, which went to Warner execs. Alan Johnson, owner of Rockaway, the store in Mesa, Ariz., where the auction was held, says his Black Album came via Warner. A source of ours at Warner says that “considerably more” than 26 copies were held back.


Dolly Parton plays a radio psychotherapist in Disney’s upcoming musical Straight Talk, a part she inherited after Bette Midler took a pass. Dolly needed a leading man to play the reporter who falls in love with her. Jon Voight, Timothy Dalton, James Woods and Joe Mantegna all screen-tested with the country singer turned actress for the role. She liked Woods, and fortunately for her, the producers agreed. Woods and Parton start shooting in July.


Dynasty fans, remember Bart Fallmont, the government lobbyist who made a pass at bisexual Steven Carrington during the 1985-86 season? He’ll return when plot lines left dangling on the show’s May 1989 final cliff-hanger are tied up in next season’s Dynasty: The Miniseries.

A source familiar with the script says Fallmont will help Steven patch up his relationship with his dad, Blake (John Forsythe). In the process Fallmont—and his romantic partnership with Steven—wins acceptance by the entire Carrington clan.

Jack Coleman, who played Steven after Al Corley was dropped in 1982, will not be back when shooting starts next month. The producers are, however, talking to Corley about returning.


Al Pacino has agreed to co-star in Love Me or Leave Me, a remake by Universal of the 1955 musical biopic of ’20s torch singer Ruth Etting. The original movie starred Doris Day as Etting and James Cagney as Martin Snyder, a gangster who dominated the singer’s life. Pacino will fill Cagney’s shoes, but director Mike (Internal Affairs) Figgis and producer Martin Bregman, who helped Pacino revive his career with Sea of Love (1989), are still looking for a female costar.

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