April 29, 1991 12:00 PM


Don’t look now, but actress Susan Dey seems to be changing her mind about not coming back for another season of L.A. Law.

When we last left Dey’s character, Grace Van Owen, she was carrying the child of Victor Sifuentes, played by Jimmy Smits, who also had said that he wasn’t coming back to the NBC show next season. In his case, he means it, though he has not ruled out guest appearances. As for Dey, her publicist has confirmed that Susan is in negotiations with Twentieth Century Fox to stay with the show.

Although her publicist and reps for Fox would confirm nothing further, we hear from a source that if Dey comes back, “the producers have already decided that she’ll have the baby rather than go through an abortion.”


We don’t want to appear shocked, but 16-year-old Elite model Kristen Zang, of Royal Oak, Mich., tells us she is seeing Michael Hutchence, 31, the popular lead singer of the Australian rock group INXS.

The two met recently when Kristen went to an INXS concert in Detroit and, before the show, sent her photo backstage. Michael replied with a backstage pass and, well, it has been love ever since, at least according to Kristen.

She says, “This is my first serious relationship.” She says she has gone along with Hutchence for some recent U.S. tour dates and claims to have the ring that he wore on the cover of his band’s X album. Anything else? Oh, yeah, two more things: Kristen says her mother approves of the relationship, and Kristen reports, “I’m still a virgin.”

Hutchence, through his rep, says he and Kristen are just friends but denies any further romantic involvement.


If you have always longed to see a 15-year-old Mick Jagger modeling his Boy Scout uniform, Robin Leach is coming to your emotional rescue. In June the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous impresario will unveil his newest syndicated project, Home Videos of the Stars. In addition to a gape at the loyal-helpful-courteous-kind-obedient-thrifty-cheerful-brave-clean-and-reverent young Jagger, viewers can look forward to seeing Debbie Gibson singing in an icecream parlor at age 12 and Mickey Rourke zipping around on his Harley-Davidson with Andrew Dice Clay as his passenger. Home Videos is slated to become a series early next year.


Carrie Fisher recently finished writing the first draft of her next script, Surrender the Pink, based on her 1990 novel about a woman obsessed with her ex-husband. Now Warner Bros, has to hire a director.

While Fisher says this script look her less time to write than her first movie script, Postcards from the Edge, it wasn’t as much fun. “Last time out,” she says, “I had [Postcards director] Mike Nichols helping me develop the script. This time, with no director, the writing seemed much lonelier.”

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