By Mitchell Fink
April 15, 1991 12:00 PM


When we last left Entertainment Tonight cohost John Tesh, he was responding to actor James Woods’s allegations that he had treated his estranged wife. Julie, badly during their eight-year marriage (PEOPLE, March 11). Woods, in case you’ve forgotten, is currently dating Tesh’s soon-to-be ex.

Well, guess who Tesh dined with recently at Spago in Los Angeles. Would you believe, Woods’s ex-wife, Sarah Owen?

Tesh says that when his divorce proceedings started, “Sarah called me up and said, ‘I think we have something in common.’ We became phone friends.”

Tesh says that because he’s dating someone else and Owen is dating someone else, he had both his attorney and his business manager join them at Spago, “so people wouldn’t get the wrong idea.”

So what did Tesh and Owen talk about? “The weather,” says Tesh.


The most talked-about actress in Hollywood, Julia Roberts, has fired her publicist, Susan Geller, and signed with a rival agency, PMK, whose clients include Sally Field, Debra Winger and Jodie Foster.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean Roberts will be talked about more or less; she’s just doing what often comes naturally to stars who’ve become very big, very fast.

Says a source familiar with the situation: “Superstardom is so overwhelming, and most people are simply not prepared for it. Her career is only three years old. In psychological terms, her replacing anyone around her is an attempt on her part now to exert some control over what is seemingly an uncontrollable situation—fame at her level.”


CNN’s Peter Arnett has signed with well-known literary agent Lynn Nesbit to peddle his Persian Gulf war memoirs, and a source tells us his daughter, Elsa, 23, helped lead Dad to Nesbit’s door.

Of all the journalists who covered the war, Arnett is expected to draw the most interest from book publishers. Reportedly he wanted to sign with an agent who had enough clout in the book world to secure a possible seven-figure advance.

According to our source, Arnett had his friend and fellow journalist David (The Next Century) Halberstam steer Elsa to some of the biggest literary agents in America. Elsa, a business reporter at the Boston Globe, then “preinterviewed” such top-name agents as Nesbit, Irving “Swifty” Lazar and Michael Carlisle of the William Morris office. She reported back to her father, and Arnett signed with Nesbit.


Debra Winger, report to spring training. Winger has just landed the lead role as the star catcher on an all-women’s baseball team in A League of Their Own. The movie, to be directed by Penny Marshall, is a comedy-drama set during World War II.

Just how good a player is Winger? Well, no one’s saying she’s ready to sign with the Dodgers, but Pat Kingsley, Winger’s rep, does say, “Debra’s learning a lot about baseball. She is pretty strong, and she expects to train for a couple of months before the movie starts production in July.”