November 05, 1990 12:00 PM


If you think the fight scenes in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky V, due Nov. 16, have been faked, just ask two Hollywood stuntmen who appeared in the film to show you their scars.

Both Todd Champion, 29, who now walks around with a titanium plate in his head, and Steve Santosusso, 26, who had his jaw broken in two places, claimed in court documents that their injuries were sustained during separate fight sequences in the movie and were inflicted “with malice” by one of Stallone’s co-stars, professional fighter Tommy Morrison.

The $20 million suit, filed in April, charges Stallone, Morrison, director John Avildsen and producers Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler with assault and battery and negligence. According to James Hanrahan, attorney for the plaintiffs, the fight sequences involving his clients “were directed by Stallone.”

“It is our contention,” says Hanrahan, “that Stallone changed what had been previously choreographed so that Morrison could really knock out Champion and Santosusso for added realism.”

Stallone says he is “under direction” from MGM attorneys handling the case not to comment.

Those attorneys also refused comment “while the matter is in litigation.”


Add actress Linda Evans, 47, to the burgeoning list of celebrities who hawk themselves and their wares via the phenomenon of TV’s home shopping outlets.

According to Evans’s manager, Michael Greenfield, the former co-star of Dynasty will begin selling her line of “biodegradable clothes and fake furs” on the QVC cable channel this spring.

Greenfield describes the Evans line as “moderately priced ensembles.”

The actress will make infrequent appearances on QVC, “maybe four or five times,” says Greenfield. “She will be there to talk to people on the phone. It won’t be a hard sell.”


Publicists in New York City promoting the new Anjelica Huston movie, The Grifters, had only one ground rule for reporters covering the event: Please, no questions for Huston on the subject of Jack Nicholson.

The attempt to protect Huston, 39, was understandable. Her long romance with Nicholson, 53, seemed to end with the birth of Lorraine, the child he had in April with actress Rebecca Broussard, 27.

Despite the warnings, one reporter asked anyway. Huston, who is currently seeing sculptor Robert Graham, responded that she was “grateful” for her years with Nicholson, “but now that’s in the past,” adding. “There may be a misapprehension that Jack in any way thwarted or discouraged my career. This is not true.”

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