December 23, 1985 12:00 PM

HOME: Venice Beach, Calif.

AGE: “Who wants to know?”

PROFESSION: World Wrestling Federation heavyweight champion.

HOBBY: “Hangin’ and bangin’ [wrestling]. There’s nothing better than eating right, getting a pump on and then going out and facing the best in the world…and winning.”

LAST BOOK READ: Iacocca: An Autobiography. “My man Lee proved it. American made is the best, just like the Hulkster.”

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Making scrap metal of the Iron Sheik.

WHY I DO WHAT I DO: “It proves to all the little Hulksters out there that if you work hard and get to bed early you can accomplish anything. And I mean anything, Daddy.”

QUOTE: “Say your prayers.”

PROFILE: Six-feet-eight-inches, 303 pounds. Calls his 24-inch biceps “pythons.”

HIS DRINK: Hulkster’s Choice Milk—The breakfast of body slammers.

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