October 26, 2005 12:00 PM

The “Dana” baby blanket

EPISODE 7: Discovered by Susan in a box from Paul’s yard sale, an indication that things were not what they seemed in the Young household.

Susan’s measuring cup

EPISODE 2: Key evidence left behind at Edie’s incinerated house.

Bree’s muffin basket

EPISODE 1: A gift for Paul and Zach after Mary Alice’s funeral.

The threatening note

EPISODE 1: The first clue to a motive for Mary Alice’s suicide.

The pills

EPISODE 6 (left): The A.D.D. pills Lynette filched from her sons.

EPISODE 13 (right): Rex’s tampered-with heart pills.

John’s Sears Craftsman lawn mower

EPISODE 6: What he should be pushing when he’s at Gabrielle’s.

The Sears Solid State blender

EPISODE 8: Used by Paul to bash Mrs. Huber before strangling her.

Mary Alice’s Smiths Wesson .38 revolver

EPISODE 1: The shot heard round the lane that set the story in motion.

Mike’s Wisteria Lane map

EPISODE 2: Stashed in his kitchen cabinet with a gun and wads of cash.

Bree’s La Perla lingerie

EPISODE 6: Worn to seduce estranged husband Rex at a motel.

Edie’s garden hose

EPISODE 4: Used to wash her car (and entice the new neighborhood plumber).

Mike’s Colt .45 semiautomatic pistol

EPISODE 1: Revealed as he tells someone on the phone, “I’m definitely gettin’ closer,” the first hint he’s more than just a plumber.

The toy chest

EPISODE 2: The Amish-made secret box Paul dug up from his pool, then dumped in a lake.

Gabrielle’s Eduardo Lucero gown

EPISODE 1: The evening dress she wore to mow the lawn.

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