The Hottest Bachelors: Hot Grandsons

Gregory Peck & Ethan Peck

“Once in a while I will be told I look like my grandfather. Often it has to do with my eyes,” says 28-year-old actor Ethan. “We never had a chance to speak about acting. I wish he was alive today, because I have many questions.” In terms of dating, he’s more assured: “I like honest and brave people. A sense of humor and an interest in fitness are also attractive!”

Errol Flynn & Sean Flynn

“I tend to smile the same way he did, a bit to the side,” says Sean, 25, an actor. “He was a bit of a joker and used to laugh a lot. I do the same!” Even when he’s taking a girl out. “The Magic Castle in Hollywood has got to be one of the best places for a first date,” he says. “The best activity is dinner. That’s how you really start to get to know someone.”

John F. Kennedy & Jack Schlossberg

The only grandson of the late President, Jack, 21, is entering his senior year at Yale, where he writes for the Yale Herald. Outside of school he continues to make his own headlines as he steadily steps into the spotlight along- side his mom, Caroline. Despite his Camelot connections, a source says, he is “modest” but still “very proud of his family and their contributions.”

Steve McQueen & Steven R. McQueen

Though the Vampire Diaries star, 26, never met his famous namesake, “one thing my dad says is I’ve got his adventurous spirit,” Steven says. He’s looking for the same fun-loving quality in a relationship. “Anyone you can laugh with is someone you should try to hold on to,” he says.

Omar Sharif & Omar Sharif Jr.

“My grandfather told me, ‘I gave you my looks and my name. Everything else you must earn,’ ” says the national spokesman for GLAAD, 30. “I admire him for that.” His ideal partner? “A guy with strong family values, self-confidence and the ability to see the world for what it could be.”

Bob Marley & Nico Marley & Jo Mersa Marley

“Energy and positivity are probably the two biggest traits I share with my grandfather,” says 19-year-old Nico (center), a college linebacker. As for his cousin Jo, 23, he’s following in the footsteps of the late reggae icon with his debut album, Comfortable. “I’m also shy like he was,” says Jo, whose dating game is “simple. Going to the beach. And it’s always good to have music.”

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