April 24, 2006 12:00 PM

Considering he’s a guy who cried on TV talking about the joy of opening his first hair salon, imagine Jonathan Antin’s emotion at the birth of his first child. “It’s intense—yeah—nothing means more to me than my family now,” says Antin, 38, the bouffant-sized personality behind the Bravo reality series Blow Out. “Hair used to be the only thing in the world that mattered to me. Now it’s secondary.” For a guy who even brings cameras into his psychiatrist visits, the new dad is choosing to keep surprisingly mum on the details of baby Asher, zipping up when asked about Asher’s age and birth weight. “You can say he’s somewhere around half a year old,” he says (Asher was actually born sometime in November). And Blow Out viewers may not see more than snapshots on the show. “I’m not a big fan of throwing my kid all over television,” says Antin. He’s equally cagey about Asher’s mom—boutique owner (and occasional Blow Out guest) Sescie Karabuykov, 30, with whom he lives in L.A. Are they married? “I can’t say.” What should we call her then? Your fiancée? “Yeah, that’s perfect.”

The hairstylist and entrepreneur (his Jonathan Product line sold a million units in seven months) will admit to digging his new role, though. “I run Ash around the house like a maniac, playing with all his toys that take me a week to assemble—it’s the greatest thing.”

In fact, Antin’s such a fan of fatherhood, it likely won’t be long before he and Karabuykov give Asher a playmate closer to his own age. “I can’t wait to have more kids,” he says. “We definitely are going to do it again—and probably again.”

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