September 30, 2013 12:00 PM

TERESA: You are going to laugh. I like Lady Gaga. Her creativity!

MARY: My God! With that meat thing that she had on?

TERESA: But that’s it, nobody does what she does. Her hair. Her makeup.

MARY: You think she’s on the best dressed list? Oh, Terry, stop it.

JOSIE: Lady Gaga I would say worst dressed.

MARY: Oh look at Jane Fonda! She’s our age! Look how beautiful she looks.

TERESA: Oh my God, look at that body.

JOSIE: What a knockout.

MARY: She doesn’t get older—she gets better.

MARY: For best dressed, I have to say J.Lo.

JOSIE: I loved her on American Idol. Every time she came out, my God, her hair and the way she walked …

TERESA: When we saw J.Lo at the Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch, we almost fainted.

MARY: She’s all legs! She’s gorgeous.

JOSIE: I love the Kardashians.

MARY: You love Kim.

JOSIE: All three girls, I love the way they dress. They’re my favorite.

MARY: I love J.Lo from head to toe. She was wearing a green gown, remember? And on American Idol, we just couldn’t wait to see J.Lo. She had a different dress, a different hairdo, different colored lipstick, different shoes. From head to toe she was magnificent.

TERESA: I like Halle Berry. I like when she wore that see-through dress at the Academy Awards …

MARY: Every dress she has is gorgeous.

TERESA: Her body is gorgeous and the clothes she wears complement her body.

MARY: Okay, so who’s the worst?

TERESA: I don’t know who’s the worst.

MARY: I’ll tell you: Lady Gaga!

JOSIE: I agree with you – Lady Gaga.

TERESA: Joan Rivers is another best dressed. Don’t you like Joan Rivers?

MARY: My God, no.

TERESA: Every time she has that fashion show, she wears something different.

MARY: She’s there not to look good but to criticize.

TERESA: I like the way she dresses.

MARY: I never saw what she wore! She’s a comedian, she’s not a best dressed.

TERESA: Yes, well, that’s your opinion.

JOSIE: Anyway, I really like the Kardashians. I think all three of them dress beautifully. Their shoes and their purses and their hair. They always look really, really good.

TERESA: I just thought of the worst dressed – Britney Spears. The best to me is Halle Berry, and the worst is Britney Spears.

MARY: To me the best is J.Lo and the worst is what’s her name? I can’t think of her name! Wait a minute.

TERESA: What was she in?

JOSIE: Not Lady Gaga?

MARY: Yes, Lady Gaga!

JOSIE: Ha, she forgot! I think the best dressed are all the Kardashians. And the worst one, I’m not too sure, but I think it’s [Gwyneth] Paltrow. She doesn’t look that good in the magazines. I don’t like her taste.

TERESA: Britney wears jeans and a T-shirt. Her hair doesn’t look good, and she doesn’t wear makeup. She lets herself get photographed not looking her best.

JOSIE: I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in a magazine, and I didn’t think she looked good, but that’s all I remember.

TERESA: Yeah, we have a little dementia.

JOSIE: No, we don’t!

MARY: I don’t like Lady Gaga because I just saw her last video.

TERESA: She had a beautiful birthday suit!

MARY: The one she’s nude and she’s lying down and she’s saying “Ehhhhhh!” for half an hour? She’s in her birthday suit, and she’s sitting on ice. She’s nuts! I don’t like the way she dresses.

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