By People Staff
April 11, 2005 12:00 PM


Angelus Classicus Farrah

The Charlie’s Angels star boasts a much-copied hairstyle, a bestselling cheesecake poster and a Six Million Dollar Man husband.


Thespian Seriosa Farrah

A.k.a.the “farewell-to-jiggle” years: Farrah is a hit on Off-Broadway in Extremities and wins an Emmy playing a battered wife in The Burning Bed.


Lettetmania Wingnuticus Farrah

The wilderness years: Farrah uses her nude body as a paintbrush in a Playboy video (with accompanying magazine spread);

gets loopy on the Late Show, violently breaks up with beau.


Vita Veritas Farrah

Exhibiting traits of her early allure, Fawcett was a reluctant reality star. “These shows want to see some awful thing,” says O’Neal. “Farrah’s pretty together. So what kind of story do we got here?”

Where is Redmond?

Farrah and Ryan O’Neal’s 20-year-old son is completing a year in a Mississippi rehab clinic for heroin addiction. “It’s awkward being Farrah Fawcett’s son,” says Ryan. “Can you imagine?”