August 10, 1987 12:00 PM

If Romina Danielson’s courtroom theatrics were incredible, her subsequent performance was almost surreal. In an exclusive interview granted at the Mulholland Drive ranch house she shares with ex-husband Axel, whom she divorced in 1986, the aspiring actress portrayed herself as an ambitious, steel-willed woman. “I am young and beautiful and sexy and I know every man wants to make love to me,” she says straight-faced.

Her description of her past isn’t quite as distinct. The daughter of a peripatetic Middle Easterner whom she describes as an “importer-exporter,” Romina says she trained at Indiana State University to teach handicapped children. After college, she become the kept lover of a California congressman.

Five years ago she was introduced to the uncannily freethinking—and affluent—Axel, who gave her freedom to continue her sexual power plays when she became his wife in 1985. When Johnny Buss (son of L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss) spent the night with Romina, she says, Axel served them Swedish pancakes in bed. “Axel never really wanted to have sex,” she explains. “He especially loves my brains.” Added Axel earnestly: “That’s the best part of it.”

By her account, she first slept with Holm on the day before she wed Danielson. The tryst took place at a park off Mulholland Drive, where they spread her mink under a clump of bushes and he sprinked rose petals on her supine body, saying, “Now I want to smell the passion flower.”

Romina eventually became disenchanted with Peter. “He was too weak, too foolish, too much a loser.” She was sorry to have betrayed him in court, but “he got a lot more than he deserves,” she sniffs. “A man should have some dignity.”

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