September 25, 2006 12:00 PM

Always dressed to the nines, this 25-year-old knows how to look glamorous without seeming old beyond her years, and sexy without going too far. Tina Knowles, her mom and wardrobe stylist, explains the balancing act.

• Mix elegant items with fun ones: “She’s conscious of keeping her look young,” says Knowles of her daughter, who lost 20 lbs. for Dreamgirls earlier this year but has since said she’s happy to have her curves back. “She’ll tell me, ‘Those shoes with that dress—it’s too old. It needs funky shoes.'”

• Show some skin, just not tons: “Sometimes she’ll put on things and we’ll say, ‘That’s looking a bit hoochie.’ Our rule is if you have on something really short, then cover the top.”

• Grooming is essential: “Her makeup is always appropriate, and she’s into her hair. If you’ve got great makeup, hair, a bag and shoes, you look really glamorous.”

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