By Mia McNiece
October 03, 2011 12:00 PM

I laugh the hardest when my son … dances to Beyonce. My son [Walker, 2, with his wife, actress Idina Menzel] really gets down to “Single Ladies.”

The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard myself say as a dad is … “Do you want your pop-pop, your banky or your baba?” Translation: Do you want your pacifier, your blanket or your bottle?

I realized I had a lot to learn about being a dad the day … I left the house with the baby but without diapers, a bottle or the diaper bag. Rude awakening!

I need a time-out when … I’ve had him for the entire weekend by myself. A glass of wine is somehow integrated into my time-out.

Before my son falls asleep I have to … sing him a lullaby. We made one up just for him called “Sleep, Walker, Sleep.” We also sing random songs from musicals in a really slow, go-to-bed tempo.

I can’t wait for the day my son can … hold a full conversation. With each day there is a new word he has grasped. And play basketball. We got him a hoop as soon as he was born.

My son is similar to me because … he’s got a smart-ass sense of humor. I can tell from his facial expressions. He knows when he is doing something that he shouldn’t, and he knows that it’s funny. He will test us and then look for our reaction. When we laugh, he gets his wish!