By People Staff
December 30, 1984 12:00 PM

Right away you know this is no ordinary rock extravaganza. Consider the entrance of the brothers. The Kreetons—a gang of furry thugs out of a bad dream by Jim Henson—have been dispatched, strobes are flashing, smoke is billowing toward the heavens and the Jacksons are rising slowly from the bowels of the stage. Suddenly the pre-tour distractions—canceled dates, family feuds, who’s making what off whom—are forgotten. From left, Marlon, Michael and Randy wanna be startin’ somethin’.

Michael’s offstage shyness is legendary. But once the shades come off, so do the inhibitions. “Being onstage is magic,” he has said. “You feel the energy all over your body.” Randy, Jermaine and Marlon (right) energize Michael (left) right down to his talented toes.

The Victory concerts are as much a feast for the imagination as for the ears. Michael makes way for a masked Randy (top left), is laid low during Working Day and Night (top right) and then swallowed by an electronic spider (bottom right) prior to being resurrected in the show’s most spectacular illusion. Tito, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Jermaine shake their bodies in synch (bottom left). A pumped-up Randy reenacts the Excalibur myth (center).