March 17, 2008 12:00 PM


This cat does more than merely fetch. London film editor Rachel Meyrick says her 2-year-old Siamese Cwtch (pronounced “kutsch,” which means “cuddle” in Welsh) has always had a gift for retrieving. But shortly after Meyrick and her Texas-born husband, photographer Ray Lewis, 43, had a baby last year, their kitty turned into a klepto. “Since my daughter Dinah was born in December it’s been crazy,” says Meyrick, 38. Cwtch has scoured backyards and possibly even ducked through open windows to filch and drag home four teddy bears, a stuffed rabbit, a dinosaur, a dolphin and an elephant—so many toys that the couple put up signs (and a Web site) offering to return them to their rightful owners. So far, none have been claimed. “It’s a genuine, care-taking behavior,” says British animal psychologist Roger Mugford. “The cat is sharing the success of hunting and treating humans as though they are members of a feline fraternity.”

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