May 24, 1976 12:00 PM

Jimmy Carter never had a better reason for baring those bicuspids. In fact, no presidential candidate in memory ever had. Consider this epochal photograph from Dearborn, Mich. There is the Democratic front-runner flanked by the grinning chiefs of the auto industry’s Big Three, each of whom paid $500 to attend a Carter fund-raising dinner. Not only that, Leonard Woodcock, president of the United Auto Workers, and Mayor Coleman Young of Detroit also shelled out for the peanut farmer. Woodcock is seldom seen with any of the auto magnates—GM’s Pete Estes, Henry Ford II and Chrysler’s John J. Riccardo—and to be surrounded by them seemed without precedent. Moreover, both Ford and Woodcock endorsed Carter in the May 18 Michigan primary. Ford did not extend his endorsement to the November election, but Woodcock did. In an allusion to President Nixon’s frequent use of profanity, Woodcock said Carter would “use only one four-letter word in the White House: jobs.”

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