January 29, 2007 12:00 PM

Since wrapping their phenomenally successful teen soap opera Rebelde (Spanish for “rebel”), the six members of Latin pop group RBD—Alfonso, 23; Anahí, 23; Christian, 23; Christopher, 20; Dulce Maria, 21; and Maite, 23—have been busy: They’ve started taping episodes of their upcoming sitcom (to air in Latin America) and are about to embark on a world tour (including Spain, France and Japan) to promote their first English album, Rebels.

• LOCO FOR RBD: With 9.5 million copies of their first three Spanish-Portuguese albums sold worldwide, RBD (short for Rebelde) have more than a few passionate fans. “We didn’t realize at first because we were working on a TV set all the time,” Dulce says. In Brazil, fans sent the group a scroll of letters measuring the length of almost two football fields. “It had notes, pictures, our names and ‘RBD Forever’ written on it,” Christian says. “It was pretty crazy.”

• SAY WHAT? While they’re all proficient English speakers, singing in their second language is a different story. During the recording of Rebels—an ‘N Sync-meets-Latin dance hall number—”Dulce was singing this part that was like, ‘I can give you all my codes,’ and she kept saying ‘goats,'” Alfonso remembers. Dulce admits, “I sing that part and it still sounds like ‘goats.'”

• TU AMOR: The group’s romantic lives have been the stuff of … well, a telenovela. They’ve weathered two failed relationships—between Alfonso and Dulce, and Anahí and Christopher—which made working together hard “just for a few months,” says Alfonso. Now “we are a family,” Maite says. Alfonso agrees: “We fight for the blankets and pillows on the airplane, but that’s it.”

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