November 18, 1996 12:00 PM


Yikes! The vociferous veejay who helped pioneer geek chic on MTV is dabbling in…elegance. Kennedy, 24, wore Chanel to the American Red Cross Everyday Heroes Award luncheon in Washington last March. “Once you get exposed to nice clothes, it’s hard to go back,” says Jimmy Hanrahan, her MTV stylist. But Kennedy hasn’t gone completely Rodeo Drive. For a recent do, she put a pink streak in her hair to match her Carolina Herrera gown.

Kennedy wore this slim pink-and-white gingham pantsuit from Fopp’s, a Manhattan boutique, to last June’s MTV Movie Awards because it is “fun and springy,” she says. The choice is typical of Kennedy, says Hanrahan: “It’s tailored and clean, but a little off the norm.”

“Kennedy lives in Air-walks, but at an event, she wants her shoes to be all-out girly,” says Hanrahan. “These white Calvin Kleins are simple, with a little ’60s vibe going on.”

She has a standing offer to serve as spokeswoman for a line of contact lenses, but Kennedy refuses to part with her trademark glasses—”my favorite fashion accessory.” This Dita design is just one of 25 pairs she owns.

The pink stone ring was a present from a friend. “I have boxes and jars of vintage rings. I like them big,” Kennedy says.


Name any upscale style of the moment, and odds are Tori Spelling, 23, was wearing it first, Shimmery cloth? Head-to-toe Prada? She’s been there, been photographed in that. Armed with thin hips and a fat wallet, the daughter of TV mogul Aaron Spelling has a flair for trendy outfits with “a timeless dimension,” says designer Mark Wong Nark of Tom Mark. And she generally “adds her own touch,” says stylist Deborah Waknin, who often works with Tori.

Spelling cast herself in Prada, the label of the minute, for the 90210 season premiere at the Hard Rock Cafe in L.A. last August. “She’s very classy. She wears clothes that are close to the body but not tight-fitting,” says designer Nark.

Like Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone and other trendsetters, Spelling opts for offbeat nail tones. The surprise? “Tori does her own nails,” says her publicist.

The slim pants are in the earth tones Spelling favors. “She knows which colors are right for her; you don’t often see her running around in Day-Glo,” says Waknin.

Bored with platinum hair, Tori recently went for the gold. “The medium honey-blonde goes terrifically with her new tan,” says 90210 hairstylist Walter Derfer.

The Prada scarf “makes the outfit complete. It’s an understated way of accessorizing,” says Nark.

Forgetting no detail, Spelling wears patterned pumps with a chunky heel. “Tori and I agree that shoes make the outfit,” says Waknin. The Prada footwear “adds an element of fun. It shows her youth and uniqueness,” Waknin believes.


“Looking good is about flavor. Flavor is your attitude, your confidence level,” declares actress Nia Long, 26. And no one ever accused the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress of lacking spice. Epitomizing a new, funky kind of vamp, Long says, “I feel sexy in anything. I feel sexy in pajamas. Sexy is a frame of mind.” Known for mixing and matching, “she always does something different with the new things that come in,” says her friend Rona Gaye Stevenson, manager of H. by Lorenzo, a Sunset Boulevard boutique.

The actress sleeps with her hair in a silk scarf every night, “unless I have company,” she says. For this look, L.A. stylist Tracci Johnson explains that she put Long’s hair into a wrap to make it “flat and smooth with a slight curl.”

Long’s philosophy is: “If you’ve got it, you better flaunt it.” On the night of The Nutty Professor premiere in L.A. last June, “I felt like I’d been working out, that I was in shape, so wore this [Elisabetta Rogiani] shirt,” she says. “It’s definitely casual for me. But I wouldn’t run errands in it!”

Her Dolce & Gabbana jeans allow Long to avoid stockings, which, she says, “make me itch.” Her bag is Chanel, the watch is a Rolex, and she’s carrying a Donna Karan leather jacket. “Nia has an eclectic mix things,” says Stevenson.

“I grabbed the shoes for a contrast to the jeans and the simple shirt,” explains Long.” “I love open toes in the summer, and I’m into that animal-print thing.”

“Sometimes I’ll show a little skin,” says the buff Long. Her trainer, Dion Jackson, calls her “an animal.” The belt is from American Rag, a Hollywood vintage store.


She shot to fame baring almost all in the film Species, but in her daily life the 5’9″ stunner, 22, approaches sensuality more subtly, merely hinting at her figure with prim yet body-hugging clothes. “She doesn’t show cleavage,” says photographer Kate Garner, who has worked with her several times. But Henstridge is proud of her breasts. Last year she told London’s Daily Mirror that, unlike those of other actresses, “they stand right up by themselves.”

“Like chokers, scarves draw attention to the neck without being overtly provocative,” says Garner.

At the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles last June, the actress played coquette. Says Hollywood stylist Karin Labby: “The shirt is sexy because it’s body-fitting, and the baby colors make it even sexier.”

The straight, below-the-knee skirt harkens back to a more modest time. “A skirt that cuts off right below the knees covers a lot of her body,” says Labby. “What’s sexy about this outfit is what she’s not showing.”

Wearing this fall’s heel—thick and flared—Henstridge looks retro and up-to-the-minute at the same time. “She has fun with her style,” says Garner.

The ankle bracelet is “sort of flirty,” says photographer Garner. “It’s a peep-show girl look.” Adds Labby: “It calls attention to the tower part of her legs—and she has great legs.”


Donovan Leitch, 29, and his band, Nancy Boy (that’s Brit talk for an effeminate but heterosexual man), have revived the androgynous style of English rockers from the ’60s and ’70s. “Onstage, Donovan’s a cross between Mick Jagger and David Bowie,” says designer Tommy Hilfiger, who was inspired by the son of folksinger Donovan to create a line of “mod-prep” clothes. Last March, when PEOPLE caught up with Leitch and his girlfriend, model Kirsty Hume, the singer confided, “I have Mary Quant fingernail polish on.” An impressed Hilfiger concludes, “He’s very hip.”

Leitch’s ” ’90s mod” coif is “rumpled in all the right places so it doesn’t look too perfect,” says Hilfiger, who adds that when Leitch is performing, he twists his head so that hair that’s gotten in his eyes “flies out.”

Leitch, who presented a menswear award at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards ceremony in New York City last February, is “willing to try anything,” says L.A. stylist Shari Simonsen, who has worked with him. The white edging on his lapels gives this jacket a “foppish” look, says Vanity Fair social chronicler George Wayne.

Like many of his cafe society contemporaries, “he wears black a lot,” notes Hilfiger. “And you rarely see him in the same clothes twice.”

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