By People Staff
May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

Two-year-old Madelaine Duchovny has caused some sticky problems for her mom. “Kids attack you first thing in the morning,” says Téa Leoni. “Even before breakfast she has jelly on her somewhere. And then, inevitably, I have jelly on me somewhere.” So Leoni, 35, who lives in Malibu with her daughter and husband of five years, actor David Duchovny, 40, says her beauty routine has one purpose: “If I can get clean, it’s a big accomplishment.” Getting back to movie-star shape was another hurdle for the 5’7″ actress. Leoni gained 60 lbs. while pregnant, and “it took me a full 18 months to really get the weight off,” she says. When she made The Family Man last year, “I was 34 lbs. heavier than I had been for Deep Impact [1998].” It didn’t bother her, she says, and “David enjoyed the new voluptuous woman in his bed.” Though not given to strenuous dieting or exercise, Leoni “is quite an athlete,” says Joe Johnston, her director for the upcoming Jurassic Park lll. “She did a lot of dangerous stuff most actors wouldn’t do, like being plunged underwater in a metal cage.” Leoni is also a good sport about how she looks, says makeup artist Bobbi Brown. “She doesn’t obsess about her makeup, which is unusual for an actress.” One reason is her role as mother. “My face used to look more determined,” she says. “Now I look softer and happier.”