October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

“What defeats most women who seek to be glamorous? In America I would say it is insecurity in their own judgment…. To feel they are well-dressed, they must have the assurance of others—they must have the seal of approval to be sure they haven’t made a mistake. But that is where they make their mistake. Their own individuality cannot come through if they follow a pattern, yet they must follow a pattern to feel secure.”


“I feel strongly that women should study the new fashions and then adapt them to their own needs. A woman who allows herself to be a slave to a fashion or a hairstyle may well end up looking ridiculous at the very moment when she wants to look her best.”


“In the summer, when I can spend more time out of doors, I like to wear shorts. I don’t see why other girls shouldn’t too—except on city streets, when they are not in good taste.”


For short women, “hemline and waistline are two of the most important points to consider. Try a few tricks—lower the waistline in back to avoid a thick look, drop your hem an inch in the back to achieve a longer look.” And don’t make the mistake of wearing dark shoes with a light-colored dress—that “cuts you right smack off at the ankles.”

—4’11” GLORIA SWANSON, 1952

“I must admit that there are times when I don’t feel particularly in the mood to dress carefully. But I have a husband who always grooms himself in shining fashion the minute he gets up in the morning. You just can’t go downstairs in a bathrobe and curlers to face a man who looks like the hero of a soap ad.”


“Tugging at your dress or fiddling with your belt is…distracting. If your dress doesn’t fit, leave it at home. Throw it away, or learn how to sew.”


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