November 10, 2008 12:00 PM

Tara Reid flips through a stack of unflattering bikini shots from her trip last month to Miami and sighs. “There’s not a day that goes by,” she admits, “that my stomach doesn’t bother me.” Still, as she explained to PEOPLE’s Amy Elisa Keith during an Oct. 26 interview, having just launched her own clothing line and happily living with her boyfriend of six months, Julien Jarmoune, 34, who also is her business partner, Reid feels she is finally “moving on” from the botched breast augmentation and stomach liposuction that left her disfigured in 2004. “This is who I am,” says the 34-year-old actress. “Take it or leave it.”

PEOPLE: Did you see the unflattering photos of you that were printed last week?

Reid: You know, it wasn’t really the pictures that hurt me. The comments hurt me. People wrote, “Look at that flabby old actress,” “She used to be so hot,” “She’s gross.” It’s like, gosh, come on. I’m not fat.

PEOPLE: How do you feel about your body?

Reid: I’m 5’5″ and 105 lbs. I’m not too skinny. I’m not too fat. I’m always dieting. I fluctuate, like, 7 lbs. all the time. But I’d rather eat what I want and then have to be very good for a couple of weeks. That way you don’t really miss anything. It’s a seesaw.

PEOPLE: What don’t you like about your body?

Reid: I know there are problems with my stomach. There are bumps on it, it’s uneven, but it’s not that bad. I like a tanned stomach, so that’s why I’m going to keep wearing a bikini. It’s my choice. People in Europe are not judgmental about their bodies at all; they go topless and they don’t care. Americans are tougher.

PEOPLE: Have you thought about more surgery, to try and fix those scars?

Reid: I’m scared about getting surgery ever again. It’s like surviving a plane crash and getting on a plane again. [My stomach scars] are my battle wounds; boom, that’s it. Would I be naked in front of a random person? No. Would I do the cover of Playboy? No. But my boyfriend thinks I’m sexy, and that’s all I care about.

PEOPLE: The public was introduced to you in American Pie as being very all-American. How has that image changed?

Reid: In my American Pie days, everyone was kissing my butt. I didn’t realize how good I had it. But the second things go down, no one cares. See who visits you in the hospital when you’re sick. I’ve become more humble.

PEOPLE: There were rumors it was for liver problems. How’s your health?

Reid: I was never in the hospital for liver issues—it never happened. I don’t have anything. Nothing. I’m fine.

PEOPLE: Are you still a party girl at heart?

Reid: Trust me: I’ve done enough of everything for a lifetime! I partied. I had fun. I ate and drank and dated a million guys, but I’m so happy with where I am right now. I don’t need to do any of that anymore.

PEOPLE: But you still do appearances at events.

Reid: Of course—it’s good money! I mean, I just did [an event] in Dubai and it was $60,000. If I need the money, then guess what? I’m getting on the plane and going. I’m not getting any younger.

PEOPLE: You just launched a clothing line of bikinis and T-shirts called Mantra. What’s next for you?

Reid: I’m ready to make a family. I want two children, a boy and a girl. And a traditional wedding, the big dress, the princess thing. What every little girl dreams of.

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