By People Staff
Updated December 10, 2001 12:00 PM

Just before the ceremony began, a torrential downpour sent the 45 guests running for cover. But Jaime Bergman wasn’t about to let rain ruin her Nov. 24 wedding to Angel‘s David Boreanaz. With stepfather Tony Scallion, 54, holding an umbrella over her head, the former Playboy playmate and star of TV’s Son of the Beach, on FX, breezed happily down the courtyard path at Palm Springs’ Ingleside Inn to greet her man.

“David’s eyes just locked with hers and they did not move,” says Bergman’s pal, makeup artist Gina Veltri, 35. After postponing their planned Sept. 22 wedding in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, the couple—who met at a Valentine’s Day party this year at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles—opted for a small affair, exchanging vows and tears flanked by Bergman’s mom, horse breeder Sue Scallion, 57, and Boreanaz’s dad, Philadelphia TV weatherman Dave Roberts, 65. “I never thought I could feel like this,” says Boreanaz, 32, who divorced his first wife, social worker Ingrid Quinn, in 1999. “Celebrating our love—that’s what our marriage is about,” adds Bergman, 26, who wore a silk-chiffon gown with a train. “And starting a family.”

They won’t have to wait long: Their first child is due in May. As for the wedding-night storm, things got so rough that power went off for an hour during the reception. “It was quite hysterical,” says the groom’s sister Bo Slavin, 35. “But it was perfect.”