August 02, 2004 12:00 PM

Barbara & Jenna BUSH


Globetrotter: After the presidential election, the Yale graduate will help children with AIDS in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Fashion passion: Interned with hip clothing line Proenza Schouler and fulfilled childhood fantasy by posing with Jenna in the August Vogue.

Getting serious: Discreetly dating a fellow Yalie; her father, class of ’68, approves.

Dad embarrasses her by: Bragging that she and Jenna managed to finish college in just four years.


The White House wants you to know: She has landed a fourth-grade teaching job at a Harlem school.

What they wish you didn’t: Old tabloid headlines about her underage drinking and her Secret Service code name (Twinkle).

Best campaign advice: During a hot day on the stump, told Papa Bush, “Dad, change your shirt.”

Calls her mom: OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) because the First Lady always insisted the twins keep their rooms spick-and-span.

All grown up? Clowned for the press by sticking her tongue out at photographers while sitting in the presidential limo during a campaign stop in St. Louis.

So much for the family business: Told Vogue, “There is nothing about the [political] process that has ever interested me.”

Alexandra & Vanessa KERRY


Big woman on campus: Helped her father win the lowa caucus by rallying college students.

Funny lady: Jokes that her Secret Service handle should be the “Hot One.”

Fatherly inspiration: A Harvard med student, Vanessa credits her dad for saving her drowning pet hamster by performing chest compressions.

Like father, like daughter: Both played ice hockey and attended Yale.

Except… She cringed when he showed up to games wearing a goofy orange hunting cap.


Hollywood calls: A budding documentary filmmaker, she landed bit parts in two David Mamet films and showed a short film at Cannes.

No, really, Dad’s a laugh riot: “We’re a kooky family,” she has said of the Heinz-Kerry household.

Wardrobe malfunction: Her sheer gown became transparent when paparazzi cameras popped at the Cannes festival: “It was a beautiful dress that didn’t withstand 3,500 flashbulbs,” she told USA Today.

The Vice Girls


Campaign role: A Middle East expert, she serves as her father’s debate coach.

Why she might not have time for it: Gave birth to Philip, her fourth child with husband Philip Perry, a lawyer, on July 2.


Campaign role: A former marketing exec at Coors, Cheney’s younger child works as his director of VP operations.

Let it snow: She and longtime partner Heather Poe hit the slopes every chance they get.


It’s in the DNA: After plans to work as a researcher at Vanity Fair, the Princeton grad wants to be a lawyer like her folks.

Dad embarrasses her when: He dances: “I’ve made so much fun of him, now he does it to entertain me.”

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