Tom Cunneff
July 31, 1989 12:00 PM


When Alien Nation, the new TV series based on the 1988 James Caan-Mandy Patinkin movie, starts on the Fox network in September, look for complicated romantic plots. In the TV version, it’ll take two alien males to get a single female alien pregnant. “The aliens have different erogenous zones…although ‘all the parts’ fit together,” says executive producer Kenneth Johnson. Eric Pierpoint (above, from left), Lauren Woodland and Michele Scarabelli will star as the aliens.


Cheers’ Kirstie Alley has put in a bid on Gigha, a 3,500-acre island off the coast of Scotland, after hearing it was for sale on NBC’s Today show. Her spokesman says she is offering “a lot less” than the $4 million asking price. He says she wants the island as an investment—and “just to have it. When you’re rich, you can do these things.” Before she can buy it, though, Gigha’s 180 islanders have to approve having a celeb landlord.


Director Barry Levinson, golden in Hollywood after back-to-back hits Good Morning, Vietnam and the Academy Award-winning Rain Man, is returning to his hometown of Baltimore in September to start shooting his new flick. Levinson used Baltimore settings for two of his earlier movies, Diner and Tin Men. Having discarded the title The Family, Levinson is still trying to find a name for the dramatic comedy. His semiautobio-graphical screenplay for the new movie will cover a 50-year span in the life of a Polish-American family. The cast will likely include Aidan (Crusoe) Quinn and Elizabeth (Big) Perkins.


Jasmine Guy, who plays snooty Whitley on NBC’s A Different World, is currently in the recording studio making her first LP. She describes the album, which will be out in October on the Warner Bros, label, as a mixture of funk and R&B, with a few ballads thrown in. She says she wanted to make a demo for a long time. “Part of the problem was that I didn’t have the money,” says Jasmine, 25, who, after performing in a couple of Broadway musicals, got her big break two years ago with the Cosby Show spin-off. “And then when I got the role of Whitley, I wanted to make sure I had the character down. If I felt my performance would suffer by doing other things, I wouldn’t do them.” Apparently she has Whitley down now because, in addition to making the record, Guy just finished playing a vampy showgirl in Harlem Nights, the Eddie Murphy movie due in December.

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