July 24, 1989 12:00 PM


The final credits for the latest James Bond movie, Licence to Kill, include the first onscreen use of the surgeon general’s warning about smoking being hazardous to your health. Co-producer Michael G. Wilson says that he thought it would be a nice thing to do since star Timothy Dalton, above, puffs mightily throughout the movie. But Congressman Tom Luken (D. Ohio), chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees cigarette advertising, sees a more pragmatic explanation. He says the producers had accepted $350,000 from Philip Morris for prominently displaying a pack of PM’s Lark cigarettes (used by Bond to conceal a detonator) and added the disclaimer to avoid potential legal problems. “It’s a declared admission on their part that this is an advertisement and does require…a Surgeon General’s warning,” says Luken. He’s sponsoring a bill to prohibit similar cigarette product placement in movies.


Director Rob Reiner’s new movie, When Harry Met Sally…, is being touted as Sleeper of the Year, and Billy Crystal, left, is getting great word of mouth—in a part he almost didn’t get. Although Reiner had consulted his pal Crystal for input on screenwriter Nora Ephron’s comedy, when it came time to cast the lead, Rob went to Tom Hanks, Richard Dreyfuss and Albert Brooks. After they turned him down, Reiner rang Crystal, who had been wondering all along why Reiner hadn’t offered him the part.


Singer Tina Turner has given up live performing, so, as manager Lindsay Scott delicately puts it, she has been on the lookout for “alternate ways to make some money.” Apparently one has been found. Come fall, Tina will be pitching Plymouths in commercials that will air nationally. “She’s got a tremendous amount of energy, wit and style,” says Bert Gardner, executive creative director at Bozell, the ad agency handling Plymouth. “Tina dresses elegantly [in the TV spots] with a lot of leg showing and high heels,” says Gardner. “It’s not easy to get into a sports car with a short skirt and do it gracefully. But she managed to pull it off very nicely.” Turner, who has been living in London since last December, will release her first album in three years, called Foreign Affair, in September.

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