By Pamela Lansden
November 27, 1989 12:00 PM


Jim Morrison, the enigmatic lead singer of the Doors who died of an apparent heart attack in Paris in 1971, is being resurrected twice. Oliver Stone has cast Val (Willow) Kilmer, left, to play the self-destructive rocker in his next film project, Wonderland Avenue. Carolco Productions is also at work on an as-yet-uncast, untitled film about the Doors.

Insiders say that Stone never considered Kilmer until the actor sent him a 30-minute tape of himself singing in Morrison’s style in his living room. Still for the taking is the part of the actress who will portray Morrison’s common-law wife, Pamela Courson, who died of a heroin overdose three years after Morrison’s death.


Nasty legal ink is already being slung as Roxanne Pulitzer prepares for a new Palm Beach custody battle. She wants to spend more than every other weekend with her twin sons, Mac and Zac, 12, who live with their dad, publishing heir Peter Pulitzer, the clear victor in his and Roxanne’s notorious 1982 divorce trial. In his filed response, Peter takes Roxanne to task for appearing nude in Playboy in 1985 and keeping their famous divorce on public display. Meanwhile, Roxanne is agonizing over the completion of her first novel, Twins, which her editor has asked her to revise. “It’s hell going through the rewrites,” said Roxanne, who at least has a new beau, banking headhunter, Robert Warren.


This is it. Promise, But who can resist nailing down Zsa Zsa Gabor’s real age? When she was arrested last June in Beverly Hills, the modified birth date on her driver’s license made her 61. But a former schoolmate, Elizabeth Nussbaum of Seattle, was sitting on solid evidence. In her memory book from Madame Subilia’s School for Young Ladies in Lausanne, Switzerland, all the girls, including Zsa Zsa, recorded their birthdates. Gabor wrote Feb. 6, 1917, which makes her 72.