By Pamela Lansden
October 09, 1989 12:00 PM


The i’s haven’t been dotted on the contract, but John (Roseanne) Goodman is trying on loincloths for his part as Barney Rubble in Stephen Spielberg’s real-people movie version of The Flintstones set to shoot next year. It’s less sure that Danny DeVito will be in it. Tired of reading that he has been cast as Fred, and as the Penguin in Batman II, DeVito says, ‘The only thing I’m willing to do at this point is direct and star in The Penguin Meets Fred Flintstone.”


Barbra Streisand’s new album, A Collection: Greatest Hits and More, carries an ecological message (on the record sleeve and tape or CD package) urging fans to turn off lights, use car pools and recycle their garbage. Streisand probably hasn’t carpooled lately, but she’s cutting back on how many lights she has to turn off. She has been trying for two years to sell her $19 million, four-house Malibu ranch, and her $7 million, 20-room Holmby Hills house mostly collects dust since she hardly ever uses it. Barbra has bought a more modest, $6 million, 10-room barn-style house in the Beverly Hills area built for director King Vidor in the 1930s. Despite protests from local preservationists, Streisand plans to raze the house. (But will she recycle the wood?) “What she’s going to be building will be far, far larger than any 10-room thing,” says a source familiar with her plans.


Call it impetuous youth or Mexican madness. But Woody (Cheers) Harrelson and theatrical director Nancy Simon (daughter of playwright Neil) had been dating two months (“A long time for me,” says Woody) back in 1985, when they took a wild-and-crazy trip to Tijuana that ended in marriage. “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” says Simon. “It was like a dare.” The nuptials were triggered by brightly lit signs that read MARRIAGE HERE and DIVORCE HERE. “We figured we would get married that day and divorced the next,” says Woody. So they exchanged gifts (a chess set for him, a switchblade for her) and vows and walked out with a genuine marriage license. The next day, their last before returning to the States, the newlyweds found that the divorce stands were closed Sundays. So they went their separate ways to each coast and 10 months later got a Jacoby & Meyers divorce. Now, Simon and David Florimbi are directing a short film about the lost weekend, Two for Tijuana, starring Woody as the groom and Marisa (A Different World) Tomei as the bride.