September 18, 1989 12:00 PM


The knock-down-drag-out punches in the fight scene between Beau, above left, and Jeff Bridges in Fox’s The Fabulous Baker Boys, due Oct. 13, are for real. After shooting, the Bridges boys had the bruises to prove it. “Usually they have stand-ins, but Dad [Lloyd] taught us to fight when we were kids, so we wanted to do it ourselves,” says Beau. As the Baker brothers, a couple of piano-playing lounge lizards, they come to blows after Jeff becomes involved with a strong-minded singer played by Michelle Pfeiffer. “The whole experience of working together brought us closer, and we were close before,” says Beau. But when he is asked if Jeff, eight years his junior, could beat him up for real, Beau says, “If he ever tried, I’d kick him in [a most delicate area] and show him my superior wisdom.”


If Nick Nolte sounds particularly Runyon-esque as a leathery detective in Q & A, a thriller now in production, he’ll owe it all to Vince Hefferen, a retired New York City police detective. Nolte, working on his New York accent, asked Hefferen to tape-record his lines. The ex-cop pleads guilty to hamming it up. “If a detective isn’t an actor, he needs to find another job. You gotta convince the bad guys you’re not kidding,” he says. “Nolte seems like a regular guy, but he needed help in destroying the English language.”


When LaToya Jackson sold her autobiography, Growing Up with the Jacksons, to Putnam Publishing Group for $500,000 last summer, she said it would “rock the world.” But now her editors are so steadfastly unrocked by her powder-puff manuscript that Putnam has put the deal on hold. “There have been discussions about not publishing LaToya’s book,” says Putnam’s Lisa Johnson, though it’s still on the list. But LaToya, who earlier this year exposed her outermost self in Playboy, may be willing to reveal much more in her next draft. Her manager, Jack Gordon, says, “LaToya’s going to spill the beans on everything—from the emotional abuse by her father to Michael’s having had his nose fixed seven times, not two, to the mother’s face-lift—everything. And no one is going to stop the book.” That obviously means younger brother Michael, who is said to have urged Sis to drop the book. Michael’s camp denies it, but a publishing source says, “It does appear he applied some serious pressure.” If so, the Gloved One may regret it—insiders say that LaToya’s first draft was kind to Michael.

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