February 06, 1989 12:00 PM


Princess Diana is Britain’s No. 1 swimsuit model. Sales of the pink-and-black one-piece neoprene suit she modeled so alluringly on the beach at Necker Island last month have quadrupled since pictures of Di hit the papers. “It’s amazing,” said Alex Tancock, factory manager of Gul Wet Suits in Bodmin, England, the makers of the garment. “Since those pictures, the phone has not stopped ringing. We expected to sell maybe 5,000 swimsuits this summer. Now we’re confident they will be up to 20,000.” The suit is not available in the United States.


NBC’s Cheers, which offers TV’s best political cameos (Gary Hart, Tip O’Neill), will feature Admiral William Crowe in a show to air later this month. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will play himself in an episode titled “Hot Rocks,” in which he’s accused by Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) of stealing her diamond earrings. “Of course, the admiral will be exonerated,” says producer Cheri Eichen. Cheers producers, searching for a sterling character to play the falsely accused (Larry Bird was one of the contenders), picked the admiral after reading in TIME magazine that he was a Cheers fan. “This is a onetime affair,” says the admiral. “I just hope the critics will be kind.” The President’s top uniformed adviser says his favorite Cheers character is Norm (George Wendt), the everyman beer drinker. “I’ve always liked Norm’s life-style.”


CBS’ The Pat Sajak Show prepaid a first-class ticket to Los Angeles and booked a fancy room at the Bel Age hotel for Sugar Ray Leonard, below, so he would be nice and rested for a Thursday night appearance. So imagine the producers’ surprise when they tuned in the syndicated Arsenio Hall Show on Wednesday night and saw the champ praising Arsenio as his favorite talk show host. The next day an unamused Sajak staffer called Leonard to tell him that he wouldn’t be needed.


Martha (Running on Empty) Plimpton was recently spotted with Christian (Name of the Rose) Slater at a Hollywood hangout with her long blond hair reduced to super-short tufts of fuzz. Plimpton, it turns out, shaved her head last fall for her role as a cancer victim in the movie Silence Like Glass, due this summer, with Jami Gertz and Rip Torn. “Meryl Streep or Vanessa Redgrave would have done the same thing,” says Plimpton’s manager, Allan Summers. “Martha has a lot of wigs, but she refuses to wear them.”


No more Mrs. Nice Guy. After portraying the suffering wife of Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction, Anne Archer in her next role promises to be as steamy as the bath poor Glenn Close died in. “I will play an extremely unmarried woman,” says Archer of her character in Love at Large, to be directed by Alan (The Moderns) Rudolph. Co-starring with Tom (Shoot to Kill) Berenger and Elizabeth (Big) Perkins, Archer will play a sultry singer who hides out in a hotel room wearing her scanties and hires Berenger to tail someone. Archer will perform the blues herself. “I’ve studied singing,” she says. “I’m not fabulous, but I can sing.”

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