January 30, 1989 12:00 PM


Sondra Locke, actress and longtime steady of Clint Eastwood, has decided that another stab at directing is in her destiny. Although her maiden effort, 1986’s Ratboy, was treated like poison by both critics and audiences, neither Locke nor Warner Bros. (Clint’s home studio) is going to give up. Her next feature, Impulse, is a suspense-love story starring Theresa (Black Widow) Russell and Jeff (Psycho III) Fahey. The movie is scheduled to begin shooting in March. Says Locke: “After directing, acting seems like a paid vacation to me.”


Sally (Punchline) Field has just signed with producer David (Child’s Play) Kirschner to do the lead in Conundrum, a psychological thriller. She plays a police investigator who finds herself caught up in “a twisted tale of betrayal.” That’s the description from actor-screenwriter Doug Barr, who was Lee Majors’ cousin on TV’s The Fall Guy.


Debra Winger, busy working on her new movie, Everybody Wins, couldn’t make it to Washington on Jan. 3 for the swearing in of Bob Kerrey as Nebraska’s junior Senator. In her place she sent her parents, Robert and Ruth Winger. Debra and Kerrey, a duo from 1983 to 1985, while he was the Governor of Nebraska, have reportedly renewed their friendship since her split from husband Tim Hutton. Everybody Wins starts shooting this week in Wilmington, N.C. With a screenplay by Arthur Miller (his first to be produced since ex-wife Marilyn Monroe’s last film, 1961’s The Misfits), the movie reunites Winger with her Cannery Row co-star, Nick Nolte, above. He plays a private investigator hired to reopen an unsolved murder case; Winger plays the neurotic lover of the deceased.


Madonna‘s next video, Like a Prayer, shows her praying at an altar only to have the statue there turn into a hunky guy. Mary Lambert, who made Madonna‘s Like a Virgin and Material Girl videos, is directing.

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