By Pamela Lansden
April 10, 1989 12:00 PM


Having said a firm “Never!” in 1983 to the notion of getting back together, Monty Python’s members are meeting in London next month to work on a 20th-anniversary-reunion show. Fresh from his solo triumph in A Fish Called Wanda, Pythoner John Cleese has these very good ideas: “We should take Wembley Stadium and have tea there. We could have waiters and charge people £5,000 to watch.” More soberly, Eric Idle suggests that the special will feature sketches from the original series, as well as new material that would link those pieces.


Princess Diana is suddenly displaying a thriftier side. A case in point is the sleeveless ice-blue Catherine Walker gown Di wore to the recent Savoy Centenary Ball. A not-too-close examination reveals that this is an altered version of the dress she wore in November 1986, during her tour of the Gulf states. Back then, it featured a high neck and long sleeves—a look Di also found appropriate for a 1987 Munich banquet. According to photographer Jayne Fincher, whose book Debrett’s Illustrated Fashion Guide: The Princess of Wales will be published by Viking in July, Di’s designers keep extra swatches of material for such revisions. “But this is her most dramatic alteration,” says Fincher. “I’ve only known her to alter one other evening dress—a pink Catherine Walker.”


Julien Temple, who set David Bowie prancing in Absolute Beginners and examined the Sex Pistols in The Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle, recently directed Elizabeth Taylor in a Passion perfume commercial. “I got such a buildup about how difficult she can be,” says Temple of his star, who had just re-emerged from the Betty Ford clinic. “It turned out untrue. She was a pro who does everything on the first take. She looks exquisite for her age. Of course, the eyes still have it.” Now working on a Kenny Rogers video, Temple also gives the crooner high marks. “They’re both,” he says, “a long way from Sid Vicious.”

  • Keanu Reeves won raves in Dangerous Liaisons, but he also wins this season’s award for most confused presenter. Arriving March 25 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, wearing torn jeans, Reeves apologized for not being able to make his presentation at the Independent Spirit Awards—a ceremony that was in progress even as he was explaining why he couldn’t make it. Among other excuses, Reeves said that he had to baby-sit for a friend. Not to worry, said the independent filmmakers—just run home and change into something less comfortable. He did—and ended up joining Winona (Heathers) Ryder to present the Best Supporting Actor award to Lou Diamond Phillips for Stand and Deliver. But all’s well that ends with a possible romance. Reeves and Ryder were spotted exchanging phone numbers.