August 15, 1988 12:00 PM

The latest in the lineup of notorious women representing No Excuses jeans is Lisa Gastineau. She’s getting a divorce from New York Jets football star Mark Gastineau, who has been keeping company with blond bombshell Brigitte Nielsen, ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone. Lisa is now jeanetically linked with Donna Rice and Joan Rivers, who were the previous No Excuses pitchwomen. “It’s very lucrative,” says Gastineau of her job.

According to insiders at Universal Studios, body-guards have been assigned to some executives, and security has been beefed up on the lot because of threats related to the studio’s planned release next month of The Last Temptation of Christ. Eight extra phone operators have been hired to handle all the protest calls. Some fundamentalist Christians object to director Martin Scorsese’s depiction of Jesus Christ, played by Willem Dafoe, as a sexual being. A small group of fundamentalists have been picketing the studio and the home of Lew Wasserman, the chairman of MCA, Universal’s parent company. “There are suddenly guards here that weren’t here before,” says one employee. There was no comment from Universal.

Ex-Eagle Glen Frey, whose “You Belong to the City” became a Miami Vice theme, has written the theme song for the new syndicated show Body by Jake, due Oct. 3 from Hollywood’s favorite pec-bulger, Jake Steinfeld. “He did it for friendship,” says Jake, whose brother Peter is Frey’s personal trainer. “All we did was cover his costs.” Jake’s review of the song, “Don’t Quit”: “I don’t think it’ll be a hit; I know it’ll be a hit.”

Looks like William Sanderson, who plays Larry of Larry, Darryl and Darryl on Newhart, is once again a nerd alone. In the upcoming CBS miniseries Lonesome Dove, based on Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer prize-winning novel, Sanderson plays Lippy, a piano player who joins a Texas cattle drive led by Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. In keeping with McMurtry’s description of Lippy as having “a lip as big as the flap on a saddlebag,” Sanderson wore a dental bridge that made his teeth look rotten and his lip protrude. Not a pretty smile. “I’m the only one that the town prostitute [Diane Lane] won’t sleep with. I guess that’s a form of typecasting,” says Sanderson.

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