August 01, 1988 12:00 PM

Music video director Julien Temple says he and Neil Young are so pleased with their collaboration on the MTV-banned video, This Note’s for You, that Temple is going to direct Young’s next video, Twilight. “There’s nothing controversial about this one,” says the director. Although This Note makes fun of the commercial ways of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and other rock stars, Temple says it has received a Jackson family nod. “Janet saw it and thought it was funny,” says Temple, who directed her When I Think of You video.

Paul Hogan is holed up in a Beverly Hills mansion writing a non-“Crocodile” Dundee script for Paramount. He won’t say much about the script except that it’s about an Australian in America, and he will play the Australian, and he hopes the audience will forget he’s Australian. “Like people forget Michael Caine is English soon after the movie starts,” says Hogan. He’s renting his Beverly Hills digs from Joan Collins, who is away on vacation. Paramount is picking up the $50,000-a-month bill, though the studio said it had “no comment” on the figure.

Klaus (Fitzcarraldo) Kinski, Nastassja’s 61-year-old father, has been keeping company with Deborah Caprioglio, who is 18 and reportedly expecting. He’s introduced her as his wife, but she has demurred, saying, “I am not Mrs. Kinski and never will be.” So what’s the story? Kinski’s representative says, “I know nothing other than that they have been traveling together and she was an actress in the film he just wrote, directed and starred in, Paganini.” It’s a long way from The Breakfast Club, but Ally Sheedy has purchased the film rights to Pamela Des Barres’s raunchy memoirs, I’m with the Band. The book chronicles Des Barres’s days as a groupie of various rock stars and gives an anatomical accounting of her encounters with Don Johnson, Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison. Sheedy, who is now 24, plans on playing Des Barres from a teenager of 15 to age 35. Back in the ’60s, Tommy Chong—formerly of the comedy team Cheech and Chong—was thrown out of Disneyland for wearing a tank top. Now, in a movie that he’s producing, directing and starring in, Far Out Man!, Chong’s character gets kicked out of a Disney-like magic kingdom for wearing a tank top. He avenges himself by building an amusement park of his own called Hippyland. The movie is a family affair for Chong because co-stars include daughters Robbi and Rae Dawn, Rae’s boyfriend, C. Thomas Howell, and Tommy’s current wife, Shelby, and their children, Paris, 13, and Gilbraun, 7.

Stop the presses: We can’t tell you who is going to win the November presidential election, but Vice-President George Bush is predicting victory if he ever meets the man who would be the Democratic Vice-President, fellow Texan Lloyd Bentsen, on the tennis courts. “I’ve seen him play, and I’m better,” boasts Bush.

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