By Pamela Lansden
November 21, 1988 12:00 PM

Ringo Starr and wife Barbara Bach, no strangers to British nightlife, are undergoing treatment for alcoholism at a clinic in Arizona. A spokesman for the former Beatle, while refusing to divulge the name of the center, said Starr and his wife were midway through an eight-week course, the cost of which is $35,000 a person. “This is their first step and a very brave one. Ringo has never been a ‘falling over’ drunk…he just wants to contain his problem,” Derek Taylor told the London press. “I know he’s doing okay. They are surrounded by fellow alcoholics who are by their nature very gregarious. Every day for them is like being in a bar, with everyone sharing a joke and a laugh. The only difference is they don’t have a drink in their hand.”

Former Jets star Mark Gastineau is having female trouble again—and it’s not on account of girlfriend Brigitte Nielsen. Phoenix model Jodee Dominici, 23, has filed a $480,000 suit against the recently retired football player. Dominici claims she gave up a successful modeling career to live with Gastineau. According to a suit filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, Dominici says she met Gastineau in February 1985 and served as his “public relations manager,” in addition to delivering football tickets to his business contacts and doing the housework. She also claims that Mark said he was legally separated from wife Lisa Gastineau, which at the time was not true. Lisa, in the midst of acrimonious divorce proceedings, has no love for Jodee. “This is a girl who literally harassed me on the phone,” she claims. “This girl makes Fatal Attraction look like Snow White.” Says Mark Gastineau: “What I think this means is that you have to have a prenuptial agreement to go out on a first date.”

Former Playmate Carrie Leigh, who filed—then dropped—a $35 million suit against onetime boyfriend Hugh Hefner, has been helping out at the Michael Roche dress shop on Sunset Boulevard. Her seven-month marriage to Corey Margolis, a salesman in New York, is over, she says. Leigh, who was once mistress of the Playboy Mansion, is sharing a friend’s apartment in Los Angeles. Is the lady broke? “Close to it,” she admits. “But I want to make it on my own.”

Heartbeat Beat: Kim Basinger is filing for divorce from husband Ron Britton, a onetime makeup man. She flew off to New York from London for the weekend with her Batman producer, Jon Peters, a former hairdresser, who is reportedly the new man in her life. Anyone see a pattern here?…

Cher and her boyfriend, Rob Camilletti, driving from Los Angeles to Dallas, stopped at that hip, happening gorge, the Grand Canyon. Camilletti, onetime bartender and bagel-maker, has a small role in Born on the Fourth of July, as Tom Cruise‘s friend….

Julia (Mystic Pizza) Roberts, who’ll star in the film Steel Magnolias, has split with beau Liam Neeson (Diane Keaton’s lover in The Good Mother) to be with her Magnolias husband, Dylan McDermott….

Michael Talbott, who plays Detective Switek on Miami Vice, is living with makeup artist Diane Biggs. Her parents, says Talbott, are unimpressed: “They wondered why she wasn’t dating Don Johnson.”