By Pamela Lansden
November 14, 1988 12:00 PM

Bad news for Mickey Rourke. Homeboy, the decade-in-the-making film loosely based upon his early years as a teenage boxer, opened in France to lukewarm reviews and weak ticket sales. Rourke wrote, co-produced and starred in the film, along with his wife, Debra Feuer, and old friend Christopher Walken. “He wanted to create a cult movie, but one cannot create a cult movie knowingly,” said the Paris paper Le Point. “Films that are in the making for 10 years turn out to look like UFOs.” Rourke’s manager, Jayne Kachmer, says her star is not down for the count. “The film was made on a modest budget with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. The making of it was his fulfillment.” No deal yet for a U.S. release.

Don’t invite Barbara Howar and Kitty Kelley to the same garage sale. Howar couldn’t have been cooler when asked if Kelley, the queen of unauthorized bios, might be profiled on Howar’s new syndicated TV show, Unauthorized Biography. “I have neither the stomach nor the time for her,” says Howar. The bad feeling dates back to 1973, when Howar sold a small table at a garage sale in Washington, D.C. The table held a copy of the manuscript of Barbara’s autobiography, Laughing All the Way. Howar claims that Kelley got hold of the manuscript—and tried to sell excerpts from it. “I was very, very broke at the time,” says Howar, “and Kitty tried to get parts of [the book] published for her own profit. It caused me a great deal of anguish and cost me a lot of money to get it back.” Kelley, according to her literary agent, refused to comment.

Michael Jackson, who has taken a lot of teasing in his time, pokes fun at himself in his new film, Moon-walker. The 90-minute video feature, playing in Japan, mocks the Gloved One’s passion for plastic surgery and his rumored shrine to Elizabeth Taylor. It even spoofs his fascination with the Elephant Man’s bones, replicas of which are featured in a dance duet with Jackson. The film is expected in the States next year.

Since arriving in Hollywood, Dennis Quaid has scored the sexy parts while older brother Randy has gotten the character roles. But in their new movie, Power of the Dog, in which the brothers co-star, Randy will finally get the girl. He also gets to direct his brother. “I know him better than anyone,” says Randy. “I can remind him of experiences he can draw on. And besides, he’d better take my direction.” The film, scheduled to begin shooting this summer, is set in Montana and tells the story of two prosperous farmers. Their roles? They play brothers, of course.

Woody Allen saw her, but you won’t. In the original version of Another Woman, Woody’s new Bergmanesque film, actress Mary Steenburgen had a small part as an angry wife. Partway through production, however, the perfectionist director decided to reshoot her scenes. Steenburgen by then was filming Miss Firecracker in Mississippi and was unavailable. So Allen cast New York stage actress Frances Conroy in the role and played it all again, Sam.

That blond ditz from Saturday Night Live, Victoria Jackson, has been cast alongside Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick for the dark comedy Family Business. Jackson plays a real estate broker who finds her properties by keeping track of the dying. “It’s kind of sick,” says Jackson cheerfully.