By Pamela Lansden
July 11, 1988 12:00 PM

In the midst of his stormy love life, Bruce Springsteen has said yes to headlining the Amnesty International tour starting Sept. 2. Bruce, of course, recently split with wife Julianne Phillips and has been keeping company with E Street Band member Patti Scialfa. The tour, which raises money for the international human rights organization, will also boast Sting and Peter Gabriel, who made the 1986 Al tour. “We’ll be issuing a statement,” says the tour producer’s office, which wouldn’t confirm Bruce’s signing.

And speaking of the Boss, how come Patti Scialfa gets all the good guys? Historians of dating will want to note that in between Tom Cruise‘s post-Risky Business affair with co-star Rebecca De Mornay and his 1987 marriage to Mimi (Someone to Watch over Me) Rogers, Tom had a brief encounter with Patti. He met her backstage after a concert in New Jersey during Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. tour.

Some of the residents of Malibu think their celeb-happy haven has gotten too big for its beaches and are campaigning to have it made into a city. Malibu is part of Los Angeles County, while other well-known spots such as Beverly Hills and West Hollywood have become incorporated cities. Should the movement succeed, Ali MacGraw has told friends that, in the tradition of Clint Eastwood and Sonny Bono becoming mayors of California resort towns, she’d consider running for Malibu’s top spot. She is already its honorary mayor, having succeeded Larry Hagman in the ceremonial post.

Missing from Malibu is Tim Hutton. He is said to have moved out of the house he shared with wife Debra Winger and their 1-year-old son, Emanuel Noah. Tim has rented a place in the Hollywood Hills and was seen having the single guy’s dinner: chocolate cake, cappuccino and cigarettes at a nearby deli. Winger’s spokesperson declined to comment on the state of the two-year-old Hutton-Winger union.

Bob Hoskins, the actor who so masterfully unravels the mystery of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, has revealed the secret of how Disney will pull another rabbit out of its corporate hat to make the $45 million spent on Roger disappear and big profits materialize: Disney is planning to recreate Toontown, the cartoon-filled setting of the movie, right in Disneyland. A human at Disney says there’s talk, but no firm plans yet.

Whoa! The red-hot scene in Bull Durham that has Kevin Kostner painting Susan Sarandon’s toenails is even sexier than you thought. It turns out the pedicure was Kostner’s very own idea. “He even blew her toenails dry, but the scene ran too long and I had to cut it,” says the film’s director-writer, Ron Shelton. Kevin may have gotten the actress and her toes in the movie, but co-star Tim Robbins got past first base with Susan for a real-life romance.

It’s easy to understand why Greta Garbo wants to be alone. Among her personal possessions that were recently sold by collector Charles Hamilton to a dealer who specializes in “oddball items”: five of Garbo’s Dr. Scholl’s-brand footpads at $25 each; a made-in-Sweden hot-water bottle, $75; eight black cloth buttons from one of her blouses, $25 each; two Brownie cameras from the 1930s, for $150 and $250; and a bright red “dime store-looking” lipstick, for $100. Garbo herself did not sell them to Hamilton. He says only, “They were things disposed of along the way.” It seems Garbo’s garbage is not being left alone.