October 10, 1988 12:00 PM

Robert Redford met Michael Dukakis in Salt Lake City recently to volunteer his services to the Democratic presidential contender’s campaign. The actor-director feels that the Ronald Reagan-George Bush Administration is ignoring environmental problems. “[The Dukakis campaign advisers] are deciding how he can best be used,” says Redford’s publicist.

More political notes: Clint Eastwood made Edward Koch’s day last week. At the New York Film Festival, where Clint introduced Bird, a movie he directed, an audience member asked the former Mayor of Carmel, Calif., to run in New York’s next mayoral election. Eastwood declined, saying, “You’re on your own.”

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but bodyguards are Sylvester Stallone’s. Rambo and his protectors showed up at New York’s Aaron Faber jewelry store recently, where Stallone bagged some baubles for some or all of his girlfriends. “He bought several pieces,” says owner Edward Faber. “He bought them for an intimate friend—a redhead, I believe, because he wanted green stones.” This clue to the identity of the lucky lady left Stallone’s publicist, Paul Bloch, puzzled. “He has three or four ladies he sees. I don’t believe any of them have red hair.” Okay, make that four or five.

Baby Boom: Cindy Pickett, 41, who played Dr. Carol Novino on St. Elsewhere, has developed a new bedside manner. On doctor’s orders, Pickett is staying in bed while awaiting the birth of her first child next month. Her husband is actor Lyman (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) Ward…. Alf will be getting a new playmate. Anne Schedeen, who plays the mother on Alf, is pregnant. Her husband is agent Chris Barrett. The NBC sitcom’s producers have decided to write the birth into this season’s scripts.

Linda (Crocodile Dundee) Kozlowski, who has starred as Aussie Paul Hogan’s honey onscreen and off, is going undercover Down Under. Although scheduled to appear at an NBC press conference to promote her Favorite Son miniseries, Kozlowski, who feared questions about her relationship with her Hogan hero, canceled. Since then, she has told the network that she won’t be meeting the press, thank you very much, for the three-night miniseries beginning Oct. 30.

The bottom line: When Lesley-Ann Down meets Robert Wagner for the first time in the Oct. 24 CBS movie, Indiscreet (a remake of the 1958 Ingrid Bergman-Cary Grant film), she is wearing what looks like cold cream—unromantic enough—but the stuff actually is diaper-rash lotion.

The English-born Down says she resorted to using “nappy cream” after conventional cold creams melted, cracked or caked under the lights. “My skin felt terribly smooth at the end of the day, like a baby’s bottom,” she says.

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