September 19, 1988 12:00 PM

Bob Kerrey, the former Governor of Nebraska who had an on-again off-again romance with Debra Winger in the mid-’80s, was asked by a Lincoln, Nebr., reporter whether, now that Winger and husband Timothy Hutton are on the outs, he was tempted to rekindle their affair. “Well, it’s sort of history,” said Kerrey, who is now running as a Democrat in a tight race for one of Nebraska’s U.S. Senate seats. No one can say, though, that the two don’t hold each other in high regard. Winger, who met Kerrey after she came to the Cornhusker State in 1982 to make Terms of Endearment, has contributed $2,000 to Kerrey’s senatorial campaign. Other celebrity donors to Kerrey include Ed Asner, Julie Andrews, Oliver Stone and Abigail Van Buren.

Now that the writers’ strike is over, it’s cast make-over time for many TV shows. In the coming season, expect these changes: On CBS, Tom Bosley is replacing his sheriff’s hat on Murder, She Wrote with a priest’s collar in his own NBC midseason show, Father Dowling’s Mysteries. Filling Bosley’s shoes will be Ron Masak as Mort Metzger, a New York cop who moves to quiet Cabot Cove….

On NBC, Hunter’s Fred Dryer will get a Brazilian bombshell for a neighbor, a part as yet uncast (paging Sonia Braga)….

On ABC, none of the students has graduated in Head of the Class, but stocky Dennis (Daniel Schneider) has lost 50 lbs., and Janice (Tannis Vallely) has grown four inches.

Rosanna (The Big Blue) Arquette is producing her first movie. Called Fly Away Home, it’s about teenage runaways in Hollywood, and, for research, Arquette has been interviewing teens on that city’s streets. Filming is set to begin in January with Rosanna starring as a young unwed mother who ends up homeless and rubbing elbows with the wandering adolescents. Arquette plans on donating her producer’s salary to an organization that works with troubled teens.

There may soon be shouts of “Grandmummy” at London’s 10 Downing Street. Mark Thatcher, the race-car-driving son of Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s Prime Minister, and his American wife, Diane Burgdorf, expect their first child next spring.

Lita Spencer, 23, the dumped girlfriend of basketball star Akeem Olajuwon, 25, has filed a $9 million breach-of-promise suit against the Houston Rockets’ center. She says she quit law school and had a child out of wedlock, 2-month-old daughter Alon, with the Nigerian-born Akeem because he promised to marry her. Akeem has in turn gone to court asking to be legally recognized as the child’s father.

Once again Princess Anne has been snubbed by her sibs. After twice being passed over as a godmother (to Prince William and Prince Harry) by Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Anne has now been given the brush-off by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. (It’s cold comfort, but so was her brother Prince Edward.) The 1-month-old Princess Beatrice’s godparents, as chosen by her mom and dad, the Duke and Duchess of York, will be Viscount Linley, the woodworking son of Princess Margaret; real-estate developer Peter Palumbo, a pal of Fergie’s dad’s (he was selected despite the fact that Prince Charles once attacked one of his planned buildings as being a “giant glass stump”); Carolyn Cotterell, one of Fergie’s longtime buddies; Jane Grosvenor, the Duchess of Roxburghe, at whose Scottish home, Floors Castle, Andrew proposed to Fergie; and Gabrielle Greenal, with whom Fergie goes skiing….

More on the little princess: The reported reaction of Prince Wills, 6, to the news of his new cousin was a diplomatic, “Yuck, a girl.”

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