July 04, 1988 12:00 PM

Michael Reagan, the 43-year-old adopted son of Ronald Reagan and first wife Jane Wyman, has heard from his natural father for the first time. Michael says he has talked to him on the phone but won’t disclose his name or where he lives. His father’s call came after publicity in March about Michael’s autobiography, On the Outside Looking In. Reagan said then that he had been born out of wedlock and had discovered that his natural mother was an actress named Betty Arnold, who died in 1985. Son and natural father have not yet met. Reagan says, “He wants to stay out of the spotlight.”

Travelers to Europe this summer certainly will want to pick up a copy of the 50-minute, $40 video just released there by Princess Stephanie. The tape shows Steph singing a half-dozen songs in either English or French (sample lyric: “He’s a maker of fashion, he’s a faker of passion”), pointing out Monaco’s scenic highlights, doing a dramatic reading from Camille and modeling her swimsuit line. The video is titled Once upon a Time Stephanie, and—wow!—it sure sounds like a fairy tale to us….

More on Steph: She went to a party in L.A. recently with record producer Ron Bloom. Disco owner Mario Oliver, her usual date, was absent, but Ron said his relationship with the singing princess was “a business one.” Stay tuned.

Baby Boom: Gene Simmons, 38, and Shannon Tweed, 31, expect a baby in December. He, of course, is the shy, retiring lead singer of Kiss who recently boasted on The Oprah Winfrey Show that he had slept with more than 2,000 women. She’s a former Playboy Playmate of the Year, now an actress. Are they finally ready to settle down and join the PTA? Nah. Simmons’ rep says, “Gene adores Shannon, but they have no plans for marriage.”…

And the ex-husband of Chris Evert, British tennis ace John Lloyd, and his new wife, Deborah, a Beverly Hills yoga teacher, are expecting their first at Christmastime. They married March 27.

Boston Pops conductor John Williams, who wrote the themes for Star Wars, Superman and NBC Nightly News, is working on a fanfare for Michael Dukakis. Williams is writing the piece because the Pops’s long-time associate conductor is Harry Ellis Dickson, Dukakis’ father-in-law. Dickson will conduct the piece in Atlanta when the Duke enters the hall to accept the Democratic party’s nomination on July 18.

Martin Sheen will produce a TV movie to air next season on ABC about the Ray family of Florida, whose house was burned down after their three young sons, all hemophiliacs, tested positive for the AIDS virus.

Stop the presses: Brigitte Nielsen is writing poetry. She recited her own verse at a recent press conference in Italy, where she’s working on a film called Domino. She also hinted that her romance with New York Jets star Mark Gastineau, whose baby she miscarried in May, may be tapering off. “The problem is always the same. For a love story to work, both people must love the same way,” said Brigitte. “I keep finding myself a step ahead or a step behind.”

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