February 08, 1988 12:00 PM

Carrie Leigh, 25, the self-described fiancée of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, 61, has moved out of the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles after more than four years as Hef’s best bunny. “It was a long and loving relationship,” Hefner said. “I’m sorry to see it end. I’ll miss her.” Carrie, who apparently has been taking notes on life at the mansion, wasted no time before consulting Marvin Mitchelson, everyone’s favorite divorce lawyer, about a palimony suit.

Singer Suzanne Vega, whose single “Luka” was one of 1987’s big hits, has begun work on a project about famed Southern writer Carson McCullers, the troubled bisexual author of A Member of the Wedding and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, who died in 1967. Vega has talked to Harvey Fierstein, who wrote Torch Song Trilogy, about doing the book for the musical.

What two things in Warren Beatty’s life have few people seen? (A) Ishtar and (B) his latest live-in girlfriend, Joyce Hyser, former flame of Bruce Springsteen (five years) and Tim Hutton (one year). Hyser, in her twenties, is an actress best known for playing the lead role, a high school girl who masquerades as a boy, in the 1985 movie Just One of the Guys. Beatty’s last girlfriend, French actress and Ishtar co-star Isabelle Adjani, is back in France co-producing and starring in a movie about sculptor Auguste Rodin, who’s played by Gerard Depardieu.

There’s no tranquil Sunset for Blake Edwards Productions. The film, starring James Garner as Wyatt Earp and Bruce Willis as silent-movie cowboy star Tom Mix, can’t seem to get wrapped, and insiders put most of the blame on Willis. It seems Willis has brought to Sunset a Moonlighting habit, namely ad libbing. “He ad libs, and the other actors have nothing to say back,” says a source on the set. But that Willis trait is the least of co-star Malcolm McDowell’s worries. McDowell plays a studio head whom Willis is supposed to pull from a Rolls-Royce as it sinks into the cold Pacific. Preview test audiences have said twice that Willis’ rescue efforts just don’t look heroic enough, so the bone-chilling scene is now being shot for the third time, and McDowell is said to be feeling quite icy towards Willis.

Call him sentimental. Ex-astronaut Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin asked Lois Driggs Cannon if she’d marry him on this coming Valentine’s Day, and she said yes. Instead of presenting her with a diamond ring, Aldrin gave her something more precious: a ring sporting a polished moon rock (a chip off the blocks he’d brought back from his 1969 lunar flight).

Even as AIDS ravaged his body in his dying days, Liberace believed that his public didn’t know about his sexual preferences, according to author Bob Thomas, whose biography Liberace is out this month. Close friend Phyllis Diller confirms this, saying, “He never wanted me or anyone to know. When he came to visit me he was always with a fellow, and knowing what I know about life I knew they were his current flames. They were always introduced as his driver, and they were always young and handsome. They never seemed to last very long.” Designing Women’s Delta Burke and Simon & Simon’s Gerald McRaney, still sweethearts, will co-star in Love and Curses, a CBS miniseries. Aiming for Nick and Nora Charles Thin Man-style banter, they will play a psychologist (Burke) and a doctor (McRaney). Says Delta: “It’s one thing in real life to have the right chemistry and the hots for each other, but to bring that to the screen is a different thing.”

Most couples who are about to have a baby prepare by packing a suitcase for the hospital. Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and husband Robert Altman, a hotshot Washington lawyer, also bought a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Altman says they wanted to be sure they’d be able to get through to the hospital if there was a big snow. “I did not intend to deliver the child personally,” says Altman. He didn’t have to. James Clifford Altman, seven lbs., was born Jan. 14 at Washington’s Columbia Hospital for Women. There was no blizzard, but Mom and Dad took the big car anyway.

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