February 01, 1988 12:00 PM

Queen Elizabeth may soon be bouncing another grandchild on her knee if the British tabloids are correct. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York since marrying Prince Andrew 18 months ago, is said to be two months pregnant. So far, Buckingham Palace has said “no comment,” but Andy’s ex-girlfriend, former soft-core porn star Koo Stark, was reported to have told a friend the Prince had called her with the news…More royal dish: Prince Edward is the first child of a British reigning monarch to take a paying nonmilitary job. He’s signed on as a production assistant with the Really Useful Company, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber’s theatrical production company.

Heartbeat beat: Kevin Bacon, 29, is footloose no more. After parting with Tracy Pollan (who’s now seeing Michael J. Fox), he met actress Kyra Sedgwick, 24, when filming the PBS production of Lanford Wilson’s Lemon Sky last February. Bacon and Sedgwick (a cousin of late Warhol star Edie Sedgwick) will marry in August in Connecticut, where they live. “I don’t care how Lemon Sky [airing Feb. 10] comes out,” jokes Bacon, “because I met my bride there.”

Broken heartbeat: The title of Scott McGinnis’ new film, Can’t Hurry Love, opening later this month, is ringing too true and too hurtful. The penultimate squeeze of Justine Bateman, McGinnis recently got the bad news that he’d been jilted by the Family Ties star for his best friend Leif Garrett, the ex-teen idol and struggling actor. “Justine wasn’t very honest about the whole thing. She was telling Scott, ‘I love you, I love you’ when she was already with Leif,” reports a Garrett pal. The actress split just last summer from her live-in, Bobby Anderson. Justine’s publicists say only, “We don’t comment on her personal life.”

Casting about: Jeremy Irons has been signed to star in Twins. He’ll play both brothers in the true story of Manhattan doctors Cyril and Stewart Marcus, who entered into a bizarre suicide pact with each other in 1975…Charlie Sheen, who had a cameo in brother Emilio Estevez’s flop Wisdom, has a starring role just as big as his big brother’s in the Western Young Guns. Co-stars are Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips…After the producers turned down Joan Rivers for the part of a Bronx Jewish housewife in Tri-Star’s Sing, they cast Mary Hartman, Mary Hart-man’s Louise Lasser. Lasser, who has worked infrequently since worrying about waxy buildup on Hart-man, says, “Contrary to popular opinion, I didn’t have a nervous breakdown. My character did.”

It’s the silly season in Hollywood as studios take full-page ads in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter to promote Oscar nominations for unlikely contenders such as Disney’s Benji the Hunted. Disney also wants lambasted comedy Hello Again for Best Picture, and star Shelley Long for Best Actress. MGM is urging Space-balls as Best Picture and Mel Brooks as Best Actor. And Orion thinks robotic Peter Weller deserves Best Actor for Robocop.

Barbra Streisand has taken a lot of flak in Hollywood—undeservedly it turns out—for relegating Richard Dreyfuss to Best Supporting Actor in Oscar ads for Nuts. Dreyfuss himself requested that category. He’s already being pushed by Disney as Best Actor for Tin Men. His publicist says, “He felt strongly that, despite his billing, his was a supporting role.” More on Streisand: She still hasn’t found a new boyfriend to replace housemate Richard Baskin (31 flavors heir), who moved out last fall. “I was surprised,” a friend says of Barbra’s breakup after three years with the composer. “She really liked him a lot. One day he was there, the next he was gone.”

Steven Spielberg has hired his own fitness trainer, Jake (Body by Jake) Steinfeld, to get Harrison Ford back into shirt-removing shape for Indiana Jones III, a chore Jake also handled for the second Indiana Jones movie. Spielberg, who has been vacationing with wife Amy Irving and son Max at Necker Island in the Caribbean, had a private jet pick up Jake and his equipment in L.A., touch down in New York for Harrison Ford and deliver gym, trainer and the raider to the privately owned island, which rents for $37,500 a week. Beats the YMCA.

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