June 20, 1988 12:00 PM

A source close to Julianne Phillips confirms—sigh—the hot rumors that all is not well between Julianne and husband Bruce Springsteen. The couple “are not together now,” says this source. The word is that Bruce may be seeking comfort from the E Street Band’s only female member, Patti Scialfa. He’s scheduled to be in Europe for the next six weeks on a concert tour. Meanwhile, Julianne plans to keep busy acting in Fletch II with Chevy Chase and in director Blake Edwards’ new picture with John Ritter.

Tea for two: Nancy Reagan invited Ryan O’Neal, who was in Washington shooting Life After Life with Cybill Shepherd, over to the White House for a private tea. Nancy had played the then 18-year-old Ryan’s mom back in 1959 on a General Electric Theater TV show hosted by husband Ronald. The two discussed old times, and “she called me son,” Ryan told a friend.

Only days after LaToya Jackson announced she’d open in Vegas for Smokey Robinson, she canceled. Why? “Smokey’s people called to say they were cutting LaToya’s act down from 45 minutes to half an hour,” claims Jackson’s manager, Jack Gordon. “Well, LaToya can’t just do 30 minutes!” Smokey, on tour in Japan, was unavailable for comment.

Baby boom: Chevy Chase and wife Jayni are expecting their third in October….

Robert De Niro and girlfriend Toukie Smith (the actress-model sis of the late designer Willi Smith) are expecting their first, also in October….

And David Rasche, who played the title role on ABC’s canceled Sledgehammer, and wife Heather expect their third in September.

Casting news: Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould’s 21-year-old son, Jason Gould, is now acting the part of a college student in Mismatch, starring Kirk Cameron. Young Gould has already made two as-yet-to-be-released films….

Stephanie Beacham, the dread Sable on the dropped The Colbys, will play Shelley Long’s best friend in the movie Be Prepared. Then she’ll bring her Sable character to Dynasty next season….

Christopher Walken will play the author Whitley Streiber in Communion, a movie based on Streiber’s best-selling book about his claimed encounters with aliens.

Oprah Winfrey is working the bugs out of her four-hour ABC miniseries, The Women of Brewster Place, which chronicles inner-city tenement life. When the script called for cockroaches to crawl on cue, Oprah, as star and producer, had to shell out $35 each for a dozen trained roaches and reassure the American Humane Association that the insects wouldn’t be systematically destroyed.

Move over, Madonna! Romina Danielson, the “Passion Flower” who fainted last year while testifying about her illicit tumble in the bushes with Joan Collins’ naughty mate, Peter Holm, has written a song titled—what else?—”Passion.” Her lyrics speak for themselves: “Diamond rings, torn-up jeans, fast cars, lace bras, that’s me. Passion with a capital P…”

Romina is cutting a single on her own Crimes of Passion label and is making a music video. “What I’m doing now is showing my real talent,” she says, “not just sleeping with a movie star’s husband.”

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