June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Her millionaire boyfriend, Carl “Andy” Capasso, is in the slammer for tax evasion. She’s under federal indictment on influence-peddling charges for allegedly meddling in his divorce proceedings. Can things get much worse for former Miss America Bess Myerson? Apparently so. On May 27, Myerson, 63, was arrested for shoplifting $44 worth of merchandise from a South Williamsport, Pa., department store. Myerson was in the area to visit Capasso, 43, who is in nearby Allenwood Prison. She was nailed with, among other things, earrings and bottles of nail polish. “She was very upset over it,” says South Williamsport Police Chief Charles E. Smith. “She said something like, ‘Why did I do it?’ “Smith escorted Myerson to police headquarters, where she was booked and fingerprinted. She then paid $150 in bail and was released. Myerson’s New York attorney Frederick Hafetz said she left the store to lock her car and planned to return to pay. Myerson will appear before a Lycoming County magistrate on June 27 to face the charges. “My client is not guilty of any charge,” insists Hafetz.

Dingdong—Cher calling. Eau yes—it’s the Oscar winner herself who’s the latest entrant in the celebrity cologne sweepstakes. Quietly negotiating with Cher for a $100-an-ounce fragrance, as yet unnamed, is Parfums Stern, an Avon subsidiary that also manufactures scents by Catherine Deneuve, Oscar de la Renta and Perry Ellis. Unlike Liz Taylor, who peddled her Passion around the country, Cher is expected to keep a low profile. It seems she’s currently wearing heavy metal on her teeth and doesn’t care to be seen up close and personal.

No one can say that Michael Jackson is keeping Bad company. Sophia Loren, with whom he’s been buddies for years, was the only non-entourage person permitted in Jackson’s room at the exclusive Hotel Lord Byron in Rome. Jackson’s tour has since moved on, but he left the Lord Byron a few mementos. Apparently the Masked One spent a lot of time in his room doodling—on sheets, pillowcases and a tablecloth. According to owner Roberto Ottaviani, Jackson drew what appears to be a self-portrait—a 12-inch-high lantern-jaw profile—in ballpoint on a pricey linen sheet. However, the hotel’s chambermaid sent the items to the laundry, unaware of the guest’s artistry. At last sighting, the hotel staff was conducting a hamper search for more originals.

Casting calls: Marsha Mason will play the lead in the movie version of news woman Linda Ellerbee’s sassy autobiography, And So It Goes….

Joan Severance’s character of Susan Profitt was carted off to the nuthouse and into TV oblivion on CBS’ Wiseguy, but the hereafter has proved equally lucrative for the 29-year-old actress. She’ll play one of Mark Harmon’s four girlfriends in Worth Winning, which has started shooting in L.A. Competing for Harmon’s affections will be Lesley Ann Warren, Madeleine (Stakeout) Stowe and Maria Holvoe. Severance plays Hulk Hogan’s only girlfriend in No Holds Barred, which gets under way next week in Atlanta.

Lily Tomlin, who is trying to keep ’em laughing opposite Bette Midler in Big Business, may have audiences crying in Three Faces of Eve. Tomlin says a remake of the 1957 Joanne Woodward tearjerker is her choice for her first dramatic lead. “Fox has it in development for me,” says Tomlin. And will there be any humor at all in the story of Chris Costner Sizemore’s real-life struggle with multiple personalities? “I’ll put my own spin on it,” replies Tomlin. Her publicist says, “This is one of Lily’s dreams. But there is nothing firm about it.”

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