By Jacqueline Savaiano
April 11, 1988 12:00 PM

The legal problems facing Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion perfume haven’t deterred the violet-eyed star from pushing more toiletries. Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion Body Riches bath products will be in stores by fall. In the ad campaign Taylor will wear a silk kimono of—what else?—lilac hue. The wrap was designed by Liz’s personal shopper, Jorjett Strumme, who is introducing a line of $150 to $300 silk nighties and pj’s inspired by negligees she hand made for Taylor. “She loves the beautiful nighties that I’ve given her as gifts,” says Strumme. So now we know Liz doesn’t have to sleep in the nude.

Speaking of purple, get ready for the prose of Bonnie Parker, wife of Simon & Simon’s Jameson Parker. She’s busy writing a steamy novel called Restless Hearts, about three generations of Southerners. She says husband Jameson, who soon goes to Africa to shoot Eye of the Crystal, an adventure film with Cynthia Rhodes, kept interrupting her writing with “Let’s go upstairs and do research.”

Just call him macho, or better yet, plain old Mike. Michael Jackson—squeaky voice, eyeliner and re-sewn face aside—is sporting a new masculine image that goes beyond his choreographed crotch grabs and his concert stage kiss with Tatania, the star of his The Way You Make Me Feel video. Jackson awaits delivery of the true symbol of hard-core manhood, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. And Mike’s bike is truly bad. It’s a $20,000 Harley Heritage Softail with double black leather saddlebags which have, natch, multiple buckles. Now, if he’d punch out photographers….

More biking news: Mickey Rourke is in Rome playing Saint Francis of Assisi in the film Francesco. But when not feeding the birds, Rourke is dreaming about his $29,000 Harley-Davidson (stereo helped jack up the price) back home. Rourke joked to an Italian journalist, who’d signed on as a Francesco extra, “I don’t care about sex. It’s years since I made love. I prefer motorcycles.” Lest his client’s image be harmed, Rourke’s agent said, “He was only teasing.” Another Hollywood bike enthusiast is Kelly (The House on Carroll Street) McGillis. When she was in Vancouver filming The Accused, she wanted to rent a motorcycle. “Then I thought that Sherry and Stanley [producers Lansing and Jaffe] might have heart palpitations over it,” she says. “You’re not allowed to do stuff like that because you’re an insurance risk.”

Following in Elvis Presley’s footsteps, U2 will head to Memphis’ Sun Studios later this month or next to record four new songs. The group will add the new numbers to their next album, due this fall along with a concert film Paramount is releasing. “At least one song will be countrylike with an Irish flavor,” says a U2 spokesman.

Kimberley Conrad, who only two months ago succeeded Carrie Leigh in Hugh Hefner’s affections, will make her screen debut as a breast-implant patient in Beverly Hills Brats, which begins filming this month. Martin Sheen will play her doctor, a philandering Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. “He is the best at making beautiful breasts,” says Terry Moore, who is co-producing Brats and plays the doctor’s wife. Expect cameos by Whoopi Goldberg and Charlie Sheen.

The most controversial new show of the season, thirtysomething, is the program people either love or love to hate. Lately, however, the video verité series has found a new constituency. According to producers, some psychiatrists are recommending that their patients watch the show as part of therapy. Says co-star Polly Draper, who plays Ellyn, “It’s really weird. People used to come up and say they enjoyed last week’s episode. Now they say they discussed it in group therapy.” Thanks for sharing, Polly.