March 28, 1988 12:00 PM

A source close to Nancy Reagan reports that the First Lady was most unhappy with her Feb. 29 interview with Ted Koppel on ABC’s Nightline. What really bugged Nancy was the segment preceding the pre-taped interview that showed some under-whelmed teenagers commenting on her Just Say No drug program. “She felt that the tape only concentrated on the negative kids, not the positive ones. She felt set up and sandbagged. I’ve never seen her so upset,” the source says. But Nightline spokeswoman Laura Wessner says, “The First Lady was extremely gracious throughout the interview and after. If she was upset, she gave no indication of it.” The White House did not return calls requesting comment.

Word is that producer Joel Silver nabbed ultrahot Patrick Swayze away from the producers of Dirty Dancing II by offering him $1 million to do Roadhouse, $250,000 more than the actor was hearing for DDII. Swayze, who’ll play a bouncer, starts shooting Roadhouse on April 18. Mitchell Cannold, DDII’s exec producer, says that he still hopes Swayze and Jennifer Grey will reunite in the sequel, which is set three years later on her college campus. He says he and Patrick have had only “preliminary” salary talks.

Casting news: Sean Connery will play Harrison Ford’s father in Indiana Jones III. And Barbara Hershey will be joining Bette Midler (now pregnant with her second child) in Disney’s Remember Me, a female buddies movie.

Before a taping of Hollywood Squares, Joan Rivers had the cast and crew screaming with laughter when she jokingly claimed to have spent the night with fellow Square Jm J. Bullock. But when Dallas’ Jennilee Harrison tried to mine the same Rivers comedy vein with the cameras rolling, Joan exploded. Asked by host John Davidson what it was that Howard Hughes once did for 7½ hours, Harrison cracked, “I don’t know what it was, but it probably made Joan happy.” Rivers screamed, “Stop tape!” and said that in view of her recent widowhood the joke was inappropriate. A Squares aide says, “Jennilee made every effort to apologize for her questionable joke.” Rivers says, “She got upset because I was upset, and then that got me more upset. We stood in the hall and cried.” (Turns out that Hughes was testifying at a Senate hearing for those 7½ hours.)

Heartbreak beat: Debrah Farentino, who plays Susan on ABC’s Hooperman, has separated from her husband of three years, actor James Farentino. She’s moved from their plush Hollywood Hills digs into her own apartment.

Ozzy Osbourne, a recovering alcoholic who distinguished himself by walking out of the Betty Ford Center when asked to make his bed, is hard at work on his as-yet-untitled new album for CBS, due in September. Osbourne’s vocal vérité style will include “Demon Alcohol,” a song about his cocktail madness, plus a twisted ode to fallen televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, called “Miracle Man.” Osbourne, whose studio walls are plastered with pictures of Swaggart and other fundamentalist evangelists, says, “First they denounce me. Now they’re fueling my flame, giving me inspiration to go crazy.” Also on the album is a song inspired by L.A.’s freeway shootings, “Blood Bath in Paradise.”

Speaking of televangelists: Despite Tammy Faye Bakker’s announcement that Sally Field is perfect to portray her on the planned NBC TV movie Fall from Grace, Sally isn’t brushing on more mascara. Field’s publicist says flatly, “Sally is just not interested.”

While Carrie Leigh and Hugh Hefner sue each other’s brains out, Leigh has lost no time cashing in on her celebrityhood. The former Playboy model has been signed for a supporting role in a horror film from Miramax, Blood Relations. For those who didn’t get enough of Leigh during her Playboy days, in Relations she’ll whiz by topless in a speedboat.

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