December 14, 1987 12:00 PM

While still stinging from (and denying) Penthouse magazine’s claims she was a prostitute, Jessica Hahn was smarting in yet another way. According to a friend, Jessica underwent plastic surgery on her breasts, nose, cheeks and lips during Thanksgiving week. She’s recovering at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, where she’s being nursed by pal Carrie Leigh, Hef’s favorite bunny and a veteran of the plastic surgeon’s knife herself. Pressed for details, Leigh said, “I will say only that Jessica is working on getting herself together mentally and physically, but I’m not going to be the one to give away her secrets.”

More rooms of his own: Michael J. Fox, who already owns a home in Studio City, Calif., went house-hunting recently in rural Vermont, and local real estate agents say he and girlfriend Tracy Pollan have one picked out to buy. Gary Goldberg, producer of Fox’s show, Family Ties, has a country house nearby.

When Mrs. Berman went to Washington, she wound up with a TV series. CBS has bought the rights to a sitcom proposed by Janis Berman, 41, the wife of Rep. Howard L. Berman (D-Calif.), about three congressmen and a congresswoman who share a Washington house—platonically—and spend weekends back home in their districts with their families. Berman got the idea for the series when she researched a proposed article for Washingtonian magazine on four real congressmen, Democrats Charles Schumer, Marty Russo, Leon Panetta and George Miller, who share a Washington house. Producer Jerry (Karate Kid) Weintraub has signed Berman to consult for the show, tentatively titled Capitol Hill. “The members are a little nervous about this, wondering if they are going to come out in a favorable light,” says Berman, a housewife and mother before turning to writing.

When Random House publishes The Rest of Our Lives, a first novel by producer-director-writer Hall (The Children of Sanchez) Bartlett, in March, check the jacket for Priscilla (Dallas) Presley’s gushing blurb: “This is one of the most unforgettable love stories I have ever read! I couldn’t put it down!” Presley owed one to Bartlett, since he’d cast Elvis’ ex in her first TV movie, 1983’s Love Is Forever. Now Bartlett and his agent, Triad Artists, are hoping Priscilla will star in the proposed Lives miniseries as Stephanie, a Texas beauty queen-turned-dancer-turned-European-jet-setter-turned-hooker-turned-movie star. Emmys are made of this.

More book news: Former football great Kenny Stabler, who wrote about his years of hard drinking and womanizing in his best-selling autobiography, Snake, finds himself between the covers again. This time around, he’s the model for the boozing and babe-chasing exploits of the character called Billyjim (the Twister) Thibodeaux in Between Pictures. It’s a new novel by Jane Loder, the writer-producer of the documentary Atomic Cafe. Loder says she and Stabler had a romance when she was 15 and he was in his early 20s. “In the book Billyjim overdoses, but in real life Kenny got married and settled down,” she says. “Her name does not ring a bell with me,” says Stabler, but adds he plans on getting a copy of the book.

NBC News almost had two scoops in one day. Immediately after Tom Brokaw finished interviewing Mikhail Gorbachev at the Kremlin, NBC staffers asked the Soviet Premier to sign the network’s ad for NBC execs back home. Happy to, replied Gorby. Emboldened, the NBCers handed him an ad for NBC’s debate featuring the 12 U.S. Presidential candidates and asked him to circle the guy he thought would win. Gorbachev’s staff, sensing trouble, warned, “Nyet, nyet.” But Gorbachev laughed and carefully circled all 12 candidates, proving a smart pol is a smart pol anywhere.

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