November 09, 1987 12:00 PM

Who’s that makeup artist? At a four-hour session to get actor Sasha Mitchell ready for a spread in the December issue of ultra-hip Interview magazine, that girl behind the powder puff looked a lot like Madonna. And was. Wearing a black bandanna, skintight leggies and oversize leather jacket, Madonna did Mitchell’s hair up—spiky—and his clothes—holey. “She tore tons of holes in his pants and put him in a vest with no shirt,” reports an insider. Madonna‘s latest career break seems to have come at a good time. Her attempts to peddle a dramatic film to the studios have generated little enthusiasm. Madonna told a friend, “I want to be taken seriously.” Blush on.

When Matt Frewer got the pink slip as ABC’s Max Headroom, he went straight to the hospital. Frewer has checked into St. Else-where’s fictional St. Eligius, where he will play Stephen Furst’s (Dr. Elliot Axelrod) much-talked-about-but-never-before-seen cousin, Pee Wee, the used car salesman. The episode will air Dec. 9.

Can you catch the magic trick Fox Broadcasting is trying to pull off with its most popular series, Were-wolf? Chuck Connors, who plays Skorzeny, the evil source of the werewolf curse, has filmed only four of the first 13 episodes and none of the next nine. But the four shows that were shot last summer are being juggled within the schedule so that they will appear fresh. The way Fox is heavily promoting the show—Connors’ fanged photos are in press kits and on tote bags—you would never know that TV’s onetime Rifleman isn’t a regular. According to an insider, there are two reasons for Connors’ disappearing act: first, that he was too strong a presence and detracted from the series’ hunky co-star John J. York; second, Connors, who was working without a contract, wanted a salary boost from the four figures per episode he earned last summer.

Good golly, Little Richard is far too busy for Miss Molly. L.R. has just finished recording the single Happy Endings with the Beach Boys; the ditty was written for Whoopi Goldberg’s feature The Telephone. He’s also doing an untitled duet with Eddie Murphy in a project shrouded in secrecy. To keep him humble, however, one job got away: L.R. had been negotiating to be the voice of Bennie the Cab in a Steven Spielberg feature; the deal fell through, but Little Richard wasn’t overly distraught. “I don’t like cars,” says the 54-year-old soul singer. “I still have 32 pins in my right leg because of an accident.”

When Police Academy 4 was released last year, acerbic critic Rex Reed swore, “If they make another Police Academy movie I’ll leave the business.” Producer Paul Maslansky now credits Reed for his current project. Says Maslansky: “Reed’s one of the reasons I’m making Police Academy 5. I expect him to be a man of his word.” Steve Guttenberg and Bobcat Goldthwait have graduated from the academy and won’t be in 5; signing on are Matt (We Got It Made) McCoy and Janet (A Chorus Line) Jones as a self-defense instructor.

First the word was that Robert Redford was going to direct. Then the word was Barbra Streisand. But now another actor-turned-moviemaker is scheduled to helm The Good Mother, the adaptation of Sue Miller’s 1986 best-selling novel about a woman fighting for custody of her daughter. Considered one of the hottest scripts in Hollywood, the book will be brought to the screen by Leonard Nimoy. “After the space epics I was ready for something like this,” said Nimoy. Happy trekking.

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