October 26, 1987 12:00 PM

It’s a cheap trick, but somebody had to do it. TV’s Cagney and Lacey (Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly) go undercover—and nearly unrecognizable—as street hookers on the Oct. 26 episode in which they investigate a series of prostitute muggings. Gless dons pink suede and a dark red wig; the usually conservatively dressed Daly turns up as a vision in black leather. The Mayflower Madam, Sydney Biddle Barrows, may not approve of such glitzy attire, but Daly, for one, is thrilled about the added exposure: “After six years I finally get a chance to show my legs.”

The latest in bizarre contractual demands by singers on tour? Miami Sound Machine lead singer Gloria Estéfan, 30, now requires a Ms. Pac-Man machine in her dressing room before concerts. Playing the game puts her “in the electrifying mood,” she says. “I like to get my energy going to eat up my audiences.”

More horsing around in Hollywood. Elliott Gould has already taped the voice of a talking horse for producer Steve Tisch’s Hot to Trot, due out this spring. The movie stars Dabney Coleman as an evil stepfather who does battle with comic Bob Goldthwait (he plays the stepson) and his horse. But whooaaa, Wilbur. Gould may not finish first; Tisch says he’s now considering Jack Nicholson, Dudley Moore and Peter Falk for the same equestrian lip-over in the flick that is “sort of a twist on Mr. Ed meets the Godfather.”

CBS’ High Mountain Rangers, a replacement series set to air as soon as one of the network’s current offerings gets the ax, might better be titled All in the Family. The hourlong adventure series about police in the High Sierra stars Robert Conrad—and employs most of his real-life brood: Sons Shane, 16, and Christian, 23, play his kids in the show; one daughter, Joan, is the executive producer; another, Nancy, is catering meals at the Nevada set. There are a few non-Conrads on the show, among them country favorite Lee Greenwood, who sings the Rangers theme song and who will make his acting debut in the fifth episode.

It’s a good thing that Annette Funicello has pushed peanut butter instead of shampoo. During her Back to the Beach publicity tour, Funicello required a trip home to Los Angeles every few days to visit her hairdresser. “Once her hair is shellacked or whatever happens, that’s the way it stays. So she had to come back to get it done fresh,” says one studio exec. Which means, we suppose, that while she was on the road, the squeaky-clean Annette went for days at a time without washing her hair.

Divine casting news:

Mickey Rourke goes from playing a Barfly to St. Francis of Assisi in a forthcoming movie, Francesco, directed by Italian moviemaker Liliana (Night Porter) Cavani…

General Hospital heartthrob Steve Bond will portray Austrian priest Josef Mohr in a feature film about the penning of the Christmas classic Silent Night. Nastassja Kinski, despite her recent low-low profile, will co-star, presumably not as Mother Teresa.

Baby Love: When Diana Ross gave birth to Ross Arne Naess in a Los Angeles hospital Oct. 7, her dream-girl fantasy of having a son came true. Ross, 43, already the mother of three daughters, two stepdaughters and a stepson, had been referring to the unborn baby as “he” even before amniocentesis confirmed her dreamy insight. Ross says of Norwegian husband Arne Naess Jr., “Arne is a very good father.” As for her mother-in-law, “She just loves the idea of a little brown baby,” says Diana.

Finally, a note to another new mom—Cybill Shepherd—from Tina Turner’s astrologer, Frank Abdo, about her twins, Ariel and Zacariah, born Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 1:06 and 1:14 p.m. “They were born on a lunar eclipse. For these twins there will be no middle ground,” Abdo says. “With Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius, they will be luxury-loving attention grabbers and be drawn to the arts. On the flip side, they’ll be champions of the underdog.”

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